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  Recreational Gallery
Our favorite photos of non-commercial subjects demonstrating some digital processing techniques
Neon signs
Night photography and Photoshop work
Bone Zone - Smokehouse neon at night
Razoo's - Composite of intricate neon sign elements
Park scenes
Fiery Oak Tree - Fall colors where the original scene was lacking
Lake scenes. Some with special processing; some with unusual natural effects.
Early Mast - Dry docked sailboats at sunrise
Lake Lights - Night reflections of park lights
Sailboats in Fog - Lonely sailboats at moorings with foggy background
Park Benches
Right under your nose, but do you see these scenes?
Parking Zone Live Oak and lonely bench early AM
Odds & Ends
Cityscape - Dallas skyline sunrise reflections
Squirrelly - Furry Hide & Seek
A Triptych - Computation Frustration - A three pane series about math frustrations
The Marvel Boys (save Dallas from Godzilla)
Light Rail in Motion - A modern train speeding along an abandoned rail bed
Oblivious - A PT Cruiser and driver being chased down an abandoned rail bed by a commuter train
Polar Petunia - Polar coordinates filter applied to a colorful blossom
      Indicates an interactive tutorial detailing some processing techniques.  

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