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  Independent Study Portraiture Gallery  
  Portraiture studies for Spring 2003 college photography course.  
Dave's Final Portfolio
Presented 29 April 2003. Fifteen pieces were required for the final, but to get a diverse yet cohesive and balanced presentation 21 pieces were used. Dave could have presented dozens but had to leave out many favorites to achieve the result he came up with. Dave thanks everybody.
Dave's Mid Term Portfolio
Presented 25 March 2003. Six pieces were required but it took eight to make a balanced presentation.
Maretta Model Shoot
Here she is for the second session of the semester! Maretta's creativity is on display. 07 Apr 03
Shannon & ~B Model Shoot #2
Dispense with the initial 'high school' shots.These go straight for the close-ups. Lots of fun stuff too. Clever behind the scenes shooting reveals a lively session! 29 Mar 03
Sarah & Nicole Model Shoot
Sarah and friend Nicole visit and get creative as they invent shooting opportunities. Behind the scenes series is a work of art! 27 Mar 03
Janelle Model Shoot #2
She's back for a shooting encore! We add to the fine series of photos done in January. Janelle innovates. Dave looks good! 26 Mar 03
Mandy& Stephanie Model Shoot
Mandy's back from Winter break and friend Stephanie makes it for the first time. Batten the hatches! The behind the scenes series reveals all. 11 Mar 03.
Maretta Model Shoot
Maretta joins the fray and endures the hot lights while Dave tries to adapt from strobes, 19 Feb 03, then does an encore a few days later to save Dave from a couple of cancellations.
Shannon & ~B Model Shoot
Here they are in black & white (with a little color mixed in) for their first shoot of the semester. Danger: Spike Zone. Killer behind the scenes shots. 12 Feb 03
Martina Model Shoot
Martina comes back after the Winter break with David for a power shooting session. David gets into the act. 06 Feb 03
Bora Model Shoot
Bora gets up early to help Dave with round two of shooting. We're getting into a groove. 06 Feb 03
Lindsey Model Shoot
Lindsey bails Dave out of a no-show bind and helps with high contrast lighting shots, macro work and some motion blur study. 25 Jan 03
Jennifer Model Shoot
Michelle's friend Jennifer visits and adds momentum to early semester shooting. We put to the test our lighting and composition skills in a variety of poses. Michelle shoots a behind the scenes series. 19 Jan 03
Janelle Model Shoot
Janelle kicks off photo sessions for the spring semester. We shoot digital to verify lighting and film for critique submissions. We are still refining technical issues. 14 Jan 03

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