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  Introductory Photography Gallery  
  Black & white photos of challenging subjects taken as part of college photography courses.  
  Basic Photography Subjects (Spring 2002)  
Something Familiar in an Unfamiliar Way
A look at common objects from unusual perspectives.
Self Portrait
How we're seen by the camera.
Sensuality (Not your Collegiate Dictionary variety)
Emphasizes form, light, line, texture, curvilinear shapes, lighting on surface texture.
The Decisive Moment
Street shooting. Anticipation. Thin slices of time. How things move through space.
Light & Shadow
A variety of subjects with strong light and shadow contrast.
  Advanced Photography Subjects (Fall 2002)  
A potpourri of subjects demonstrating lighting, form and visual impact.
Split Frame
Images consisting of two and three adjacent frames on a roll of film.

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