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  Stock Photo 1  

Locations and subjects for possible backgrounds for composite images and for live model posing.

Garland Clouds/Skies 12 March 2006
A few shots of a powder blue sky with small puffy cumulus clouds.  3504 x 2336 px
White Rock Lake - Misc. 10 March 2006
Colorful sunrise over lake, pedestrian bridge, sail boats from pier and from shore.  3504 x 2336 px
White Rock Lake - Misc. 9 March 2006
Morning after evening storms.  Broken clouds, but clear sunrise.  Clouds, sunlight bursting through clouds, park bench, fishing pier/sea gulls, cracked wall, graffiti.  3504 x 2336 px
White Rock Lake - Misc. 8 March 2006
A very overcast, windy day.  Clouds/skies, modern bike trail bridge, old rail bed/trestle, fishing piers/sail boats, Big Thicket, Flag Pole Hill.   3504 x 2336 px
Garland - Misc. 7 March 2006
Overcast day.   Modern building facade, Garland Historical: doors, paint peeling walls, old passenger rail car, Firewheel Town Centre: shops, fountain, rocky stream.   3504 x 2336 px



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