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  Spring 2010 Gallery  

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  Amber T Photo Shoot

16 June 2010
Marla A Photo Shoot
Marla's a busy gal!  How many outfit/scene changes?  Looks like eight at the least!  Starting off with some distinctive lighting close-ups and wrapping up with a swim suit set the shoot is jam-packed in-between!.  Too much to list here but you've got to check out the Chiquita Banana outfit.  Cool!  20 June 2010.  Marla's ET.
Cali A Photo Shoot #3
Cali is ready for this shoot.  She's in the tree, by the fence, on the fence, hanging from the tree, blowing bubbles and just being herself.  Inside she gets in at least five outfit changes.  It looks like she has the most fun with the picture frame.  19 June 2010. Cali's OTS
Alden B Photo Shoot #2
Drama!  Action!  A very well planned, professionally done shoot.  Great use of lighting, both natural and studio, and great use of post processing.  Alden has Dave use some unique effects.  Some of the sepia tone renditions really rock!  6 June 2010.  Alden's ET_
Elizabeth G Photo Shoot
Lizzie is dynamite! She starts off her shoot super energized and finishes up still super energized. Wow, what stamina. She is as enthusiastic and creative as she is energetic. See this happy girl's approach to a photo shoot. Depending on how you would identify them you can find 13 outfit/look changes in her busy shoot. 9 June 2010. Lizzie's ET.
Skylar F Photo Shoot #3
Skylar's back at it again, batting those big beautiful eyes at Dave's camera. She's got to do those outdoor shots early- it's going to get HOT today. She has a tea party with Lion and Teddy (both of whom are very grateful. Director, keyboard, the big yellow ball and big picture frame all get a workout- all against the blue paper. 5 June 2010.
Savanah P Photo Shoot
Here's a gal who is as creative as she is lovely! Vana does some headshots and some very pretty looks in a purple top and polka dot skirt. She models a swim suit against a sky blue backdrop then does a skit as an insect scientist/researcher. She's got several other great looks going, so stop by and enjoy. 29 May 2010.
Stephanie R Photo Shoot #3
Wow, here's a shoot for the books!! Stephanie and makeup artist Concepcion cook up a bang-up shoot. For starters, Stephanie dresses up in a Rag Doll costume that will blow your socks off. Precious! Then Con does Stephanie's eye makeup in dazzling colors. Add a wig and another eye makeup style and take it to the rock concert. Top it all off with the craziest eyelashes you've ever seen. 22 May 2010. Stephanie's ET, MM.
Zunika B Photo Shoot #3
She's emphasizing very high contrast lighting in this shoot. The blue background turns quite dark and the white is a fine gray with lots of gradients and shadows. The black paper turns very black with a slight glow. Many of these photos are quite abstract. The there is an outdoor series where the lighting is more normal- for hard sunlight, that is. But still Nika keeps the look on the edgy side with her expressions and poses. 15 May 2010.
CeCe M Photo Shoot #2
CeCe's got some nice formal headshots and we got other close-ups at headshot range that came out very nicely too.  We gave a "washed out" look in post processing to one set.  A colorful African outfit brightens up another series.  Her hard-hat - tool belt set looks like it belongs on a pinup calendar!  There are some fun alter-ego combinations and a messy-mascara tear jerker scene.  1 May 2010. 
Sumeya A Photo Shoot #3
This lovely young lady knows exactly what she wants- in outfits, lighting, backdrops and poses.  Her series against white allowed to go very gray with her shadowy sidekick pops right out at you.  She also loves the outdoors, where we get some nice shots.  Sumeya wraps up her shoot with a brilliant, colorful African dress.  Other cool looks in-between.  24 April 2010.  Sumeya's ET.
Jacquelyn A Photo Shoot
What fun!  Jacquelyn gets some lovely headshots then gives her gray sweater a workout.  She's does a set outdoors and the fresh spring greenery helps out.  A dark gray background, the pink sofa and bright white provide backdrops for a casual/sporty look.  And finally a color filter on white with high accent lighting set the stage for the final look.  30 April 2010.  Jacquelyn's ET.
Roxane T Photo Shoot
Roxane takes Punk Rock Guitar and Laura Croft, Tomb Raider to a new level!.  A pink swim suit against dark blue with high contrast lighting is stunning!  She loves her silhouettes against blue and green.  :o)   Outdoor shots are lovely with the spring green and blue-sky colors.  Add in some specialty shots too.  The shoot's a real blast.  25 April 2010.  Roxane's ET.
Kyndal M Photo Shoot
Kyndal starts off with a snappy colorful outfit against the black background with back quarter highlighting.  The pink sofa gets a workout then she wears black against the crimson background.  Very nice contrast.  She sets a gray layered dress against the sky-blue background.  Check out the peacock earrings!  Finally it's workout time.  This gal is in shape!  17 April 2010.
Tommi B Photo Shoot #2
Colors, colors, colors in her hair!  Wow, dazzling.  And "stage lights" against black.  Sharp.  Nice close-ups against the Japanese screen.  Lovely outdoor shots on a lovely day.  The pink sofa and special effects.  Then Tommi gets painted - with real paint - that matches her hair extensions.  Oh my, what a mess.  15 April 2010.  Tommi's ET.
Removed at model's request.
Andrea C Photo Shoot #2
Andrea is really full of ideas and keeps Dave hopping!  She does some nice work against the blue background, thinking ahead to making black and white images out of them, with both soft and high contrast lighting.  She used the crimson backdrop as well thinking ahead to B&W conversions.  Even outdoor shots found their way to the abstraction of black and white.  Other specialty treatment too.  Fun!  11 April 2010.
Myracle S Photo Shoot #6
It's nice to see Myracle again!  She's lots of fun and full of energy.  If we needed one word to describe this shoot it would be "colorful"!  With six outfit changes it's too many to describe in detail here.  Drop by and see.  And be sure to check out Myracle's Karate photos inside.  10 April 2010.  Myracle's OTS.
Stephanie R Photo Shoot #2
How about a "Raiders" theme to start things off?  Nicely done, with a dark crimson backdrop and stage "smoke".  A lovely series in a strapless gown is highlighted with some eye-appealing headshots.  Then as a spokesperson for the auto racing industry she sports a racing outfit that really pops.  Then Stephanie acts out her ideas with the big picture frame.  Innovative with black & white combined with vivid color.  Stephanie's ET.  3 April 2010.
Tunde K Photo Shoot #2
What's pink and loves cupcakes?  Maybe that should be "Who is pink and loves cupcakes!"  Drop by and see.  :o)   Besides cupcakes, Tunde does Laura Croft followed by a guitar rocker.  She finishes up by having Dave do some specialty photo editing.  Great ideas!  28 March 2010
Jordan Photo Shoot #2
Well planned, creative and thorough- that's the way this gal directs her shoot.  She's got an action character look, some outside shots in the snow (yes, in the snow), gives the "stage lights" a workout, distinctive lighting headshots, a secretary buffing her nails, and silhouettes.  Wow, jam-packed.  21 March 2010

  - On time for shoot! (Dave's clock rules!)
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