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  Summer 2009 Gallery  

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Jesse A Photo Shoot #3
Happy Jesse does a maternity shoot at 5+ months!  She does some nice outdoor shots and a variety of outfits and colors inside.  Jesse likes the special 'glow' treatment and also black & white renditions so we did a few of them.  (End of the gallery.)  20 September 2009
Zunika B Photo Shoot
There's a lot of 'homework' behind this shoot and Nika beings it to life!  She's got colorful and stylish outfits and displays them with energy and heart.  Catch that smile!  It's contagious.  :o)  19 September 2009.  Nika's OMP.
Rachael B Photo Shoot #8
Rachael outdoes herself!  Again!  She's a pageant winner!  She's got a fancy multi-colored dress that pops.  We got great headshots, and some nice casual looks.  And Rachael does the most amazing, breath-taking athletic (dance) moves!  10 September 2009.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp
Sophia S Photo Shoot #7
Sophie is a masquerading kitty, a Hannah Montana impersonator and a lot more.  Plus, Sophie gets framed!  6 September 2009.    Sophie's OTS
Elizabeth C Photo Shoot
It looks like she's been doing this for years, but it's Elizabeth's first shoot.  She's done her planning and executes with precision.  She's got some lovely looks and does a high contrast series that has lots of impact.  Great shoot!  29 August 2009.  Elizabeth's MySp.
Mikayla V Photo Shoot #3
Mikayla has charm, wit, humor and creativity to go with her natural beauty.  An all-around great gal, she lasts and lasts.  She';s got a stunning school girl look and a ballet series amongst all of her other creations.  22 August 2009.  Mikayla's OTS.
Maci K Photo Shoot #3
Maci hits the ground running and never stops until she's done everything she wanted to do.  We got some lovely headshots and lots of personality captures too.  It looks like she's having a blast.  Dave could hardly keep up!  See some killer outfits. 15 August 2009. Maci's OTS.
Mikayla W Photo Shoot #4
Wow, Mikayla came prepared and supercharged for her shoot!  She's always a blast to work with and this time is no exception.  It looks like she did about eight outfit changes  (OK, one was just a hat change) with ease, grace and speed.  An efficient, fun and productive shoot.  5 August 2009.  Mikayla's OTS.
Myracle S Photo Shoot #4
Colors, colors, colors!  Wow, does Myracle have colors.  She re-enacts her graduation from pre-K, demonstrates her Karate lessons, plays a pageant winner and a round of golf.  Great shoot.  1 August 2009.    Myracle's OTS.
Alexandra G Photo Shoot #2
Alex is back to do some more non-conformist fashion looks.  These are creative and highly distinctive.  The set with the ski hat is outstanding.  Dave is torn between it and the wife-beater set.  :o)  31 July 2009.  Alex's MM.
Nakalah T Photo Shoot #3
Nakalah squeezes eight outfit changes into a full shoot and doesn't miss a beat!  She's supercharged and so is the photo session.  With all the photos we snapped, how does she narrow it all down to such a nice, compact presentation?  She just did it!.  28 July 2009.    Nik's MM.
Sophia S Photo Shoot #6
Sophie takes charge and models some great looking outfits against a variety of backgrounds.  She chose background colors that really made those outfits pop!  She gives us a wide variety of expressions and poses.  Very creative!  26 July 2009.  Sophie's OTS.

Shoot 24 July 2009

Removed at model's request
Alina F Photo Shoot
Upbeat, bright, happy- that only begins to describe Alina in this phooto set.  She has a lovely variety of outfits and complements each with tastefully selected backgrouinds and settings.  A great shoot!  22 July 2009
Jordan Photo Shoot
Jordan comes to shoot to create a modeling portfolio for a gaming convention that is coming up soon.  She does some character modeling plus some other fun stuff.  Nice headshots on a black background.  17 July 2009.
Tina M Photo Shoot #2
Here's Tina again doing some fun stuff.  Swim suit on red, casual in shorts on bright white, in a tree...  Will she ever come down?  14 July 2009.  Tina's MM, PM
Dafina V Photo Shoot
Interested in getting into modeling, Dafina shows she has what it takes.  She has a great look, knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.  Check out the nice variety of settings, outfits and poses. See how easily she directs her own shoot.  12 July 2009
Toiya S Photo Shoot #12
On her way to tying the record for most shoots Toiya breaks a way too long hiatus to get some specialty looks, all on a bright white background.  Everything is self-explanatory, so come on by and see.  10 July 2009.  Toi's MM.
Chrissy S Photo Shoot
Chrissy goes for the outdoor headshot- and adds a few against the glowing black backdrop paper too.  Then she does some bright, high key casual followed by high contrast, shadowy, edgy looks.  Great shoot!  1 July 2009  
Katie H Photo Shoot
Katie's shoot was so much fun- she just makes things happen.  She's got some super fun shots on the pink sofa then does some edgy looks in a couple of outfits in a narrow hallway.  Wraps up with with some striking poses against a light gray backdrop.  Where did the time go?  30 June 2009.  Katie's MM.
Rickie Photo Shoot #5
"Top Of The World" Rickie poses with a globe for her Web site.  Dreads (four hours in "the chair"), red shoes, and a hoodie follow, wrapped up with a series on the pink sofa.  She's going to do a 3-day Walk for the Cure and does a few shots of related accessories.  26 June 2009.  Rickie's MM, OMP, MySp

Shoot 23 Jun 2009
Removed at model's request

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