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  Spring 2009 Gallery  

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Ashlyn V Photo Shoot
A real platinum blonde and as beautiful as can be- that's Ashlyn.  She's a natural born actor and model.  She makes a photo shoot easy.  She does all the work!  And makes it look like no work at all.  Drop in and enjoy.  Too much to list!  :o)  9 June 2009.  Ashlyn's ET.
Amanda M Photo Shoot #4
Amanda visits for much needed pageant contest photos.  She does some work against the bright white background and against the black background where her silver outfit really pops.  Outside she got some outstanding shots peeking between the leaves.  Surely there is a contest winner here!  7 June 2009.  Amanda's OTS, OMP
Augustine F Photo Shoot #4
Actor, dance instructor, yoga instructor Augustine wows 'em with some amazing yoga work in front of the still camera.  Do not try this at home!   She uses Dave's "control center" to do an 'office secretary' series.  And what would a shoot on a nice day be without some outdoor work?  3 June 2009.
Mackenzie S Photo Shoot #2
Mackenzie has her shoot well planned.  She's got some fun casual looks and then does some stunning work against a black background, both with soft light and with contrasty spotlights.  She wraps it up with a fashionable Parisienne theme.  31 May 2009.  Mackenzie's OTS.
Makenna E Photo Shoot #3
Mostly outdoor shooting is the order of the day.  We got a fun variety out in the shade.  There's a really colorful set with balloons against the charcoal gray background.  Makenna does the Japanese screen and the hallway as well.  Great shoot!  30 May 2009.  Makenna's OTS.
Megan W Photo Shoot
Here is a nice set of creative imagery, brought to you by director Megan!  She's got a heavenly angelic look, some stunning monochrome (all red) images, along with some bright and airy springtime/early summer looks.  Some fun/funny stuff too!  21 May 2009.
Yen N Photo Shoot
Yen tackles her first shoot ever with creativity and enthusiasm.  She uses the white background exclusively, sometimes bright white and sometimes light gray.  Her choices of outfits really "pop" against the white.  Look- see if Yen is having a good time.  "Jimmy" (the rabbit) too!  :o)  23 May 2009
Anastasiya M Photo Shoot #4
Directing her own shoot from the selection of outfits to backdrop and prop selection, Anastasiya crafts a photo shoot to her own liking.  She makes the most of the white background with bright then with gray lighting and does some nice browns against the crimson paper.  It's a beautiful day, so of course we go outside for some shots.  17 May 2009
Myracle S Photo Shoot #3
This not-so-little girl is as bright, enthusiastic, motivated, smart and has the biggest heart of anyone you would want to meet.  Look inside.  She's got high energy themes going too numerous to mention here.  Energy!  It's infectious.  Catch it!  :o)  16 May 2009.  Myracle's OTS.
Mikah S Photo Shoot #2
What a variety!  Mikah gets some really lovely headshots- then it's time to cut loose.  She does a dazzling set with pretty flowers, then a dance routing (check the composite), yoga, soft shoe routine and a couple of swim suits including angel wings and feathers on a black background.  She put in a lot of effort and it looks like it paid off!  10 May 2009.  Mikah's OTS.
Rachael B Photo Shoot #7
Always with a fresh perspective for a shoot, Rachael doesn't disappoint!  She's got some special Rachael-designer headshots and a series with exotic did-it-herself eye-popping makeup.  How about a professional business look, casual, favorite silhouettes and a snappy cheerleader outfit?  7 May 2007.   Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp
Alexandra G Photo Shoot
Alex rejects conformity!  (Mostly, anyway.)  How about a '70s hippie look in the kitchen and in the garage?  Then a black and white outfit in a "morning after" look in the hallway and - in the tub!  Yep, that's where she wound up.  :o)  5 May 2009.  Alex's MM
Cherelle Photo Shoot
Cherelle has been wanting to do this for the longest time, so, after finding Dave on Google, here she is in her first photo shoot.  The shoot was well planned, spirited and fun.  She starts off with a stunning swim suit and winds up with some impressive silhouettes.  Lots in-between, too.  2 May 2009
Lynnsey R Photo Shoot #2
It's been wayyy too long since Lynnsey was last here, but now she's back- with a vengeance!  She's making up for lost time with this ambitious shoot.  Leaving no stone unturned, she tackles formal headshots, the pink room, hallway, outdoors, and more.  A great shoot!  30 April 2009.
Angie M Photo Shoot #2
Actor Angie is doing a maternity shoot- but the maternity is no acting!  See this happy and contented mom-to-be posing in a rare (for Dave) joint shoot.  :o)  She is contented, that is, between robust soccer kicks from her team of one she's carrying.  28 April 2009
Damir S Photo Shoot #3
Anime aficionado Damir does some incredible role playing to complement her previous photo sessions.  And she's got some downright casual looks that will have you relaxing just looking at them.  Combine them all in a funky garage band composite and you've got another winner!  25 April 2009
Rickie Photo Shoot #4
The lighting and both of our creativity with get a workout in this shoot.  From very high contrast against black to a very high key white setting.  Rickie's posing is dramatic and expressive.  Also she has Dave do an interesting composite.  Look and see!  24 April 2009.   Rickie's MM, OMP, MySp
Nakalah T Photo Shoot #2
Another well planned shoot!  Nakalah has a great variety here, all executed with artistic creativity.  Check out the checkered outfit!  And a plain ol' casual look that is stunning!  21 April 2009.  Nik's MM.
Jasmine S Photo Shoot
Great sprit, radiant and upbeat begin to describe Jasmine.  You are sure to find yourself uplifted as you view her progress through her photo shoot.  Lots of imagination and creativity shown here.  Jazz rocks!  18 April 2009.
Mercedes W Photo Shoot
First-timer Mercedes had an ambitious shoot planned.  We got to all of it and she held up well- even doing headshots at the end.  That takes stamina.  Stop by and review the work this high-spirited gal accomplished  12 April 2009
Atheena F Photo Shoot #6
She's determined to have fun doing headshots and pulls it off!  It's not easy, but has to look like it is.  You've got to see.  Atheena makes her whole shoot look like she's having a blast.  We both were!  She's got two different guitars going, some nice outdoor looks and more.  8 April 2009
Natasha B Photo Shoot #3
Natasha's natural beauty shines!  She does her hair straightened and beautifully flowing, then naturally wavy and saucy, topped by a wet look that's outstanding.  All this in a number of themes, poses and backdrops.  She's a winner and so is her photo shoot!  5 April 2009.  Natasha's OTS.
Sophia S Photo Shoot #5
Sophie is back with lots of brand new outfits to show her favorite photographer!  Dazzling colors, patterns, and styles all against a bright white backdrop.  She modeled five outfits looking great in each of them!  4 April 2009.  Sophie's OTS, OMP.
Ashley G Photo Shoot #2
Ashley went for the fashion angle for her shoot this time.  She modeled cool outfits against crimson, white and black backgrounds and wrapped it all up with a western motif outdoors.  See the sun dancing in her platinum blonde hair!  29 March 2009
Tina M Photo Shoot
Wow, did Tina ever have her shoot planned!  And execute she did.  Thanks for helping launch Spring 2009, Tina!  Way too much to list- you've got to see.  Find her composite "Music Studio Burnout!"  22 March 2009.  Tina's MM, PM

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