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  Fall 2009 Gallery  

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Tunde K Photo Shoot
She starts off with a very high contrast set against a black background that is stunning.  Next, a few high contrast shots against a glowing dark blue background.  Tunde likes contrast- a silhouette set shows that to be true.  She does however have a couple of nice high key sets to round out her shoot.  20 December 2009
Skylar F Photo Shoot
This creative gal does a fantastic shoot.  She had it so well planned she kept Dave plenty busy.  Skylar is another Energizer Bunny.  She goes and goes and goes.  Then goes some more.  Stop on by and see who is having a lot of fun doing a shoot!  12 December 2009.
Damir S Photo Shoot #4
Colorful Damir is back with colors galore!  First she does a take on "stage lights" that's creative and breath taking.  She finishes with colorful makeup the likes of which Dave hasn't seen.  In-between she does a series on a white-gone-gray background and a set outside against the bricks.  Nice!  29 January 2009
Zunika B Photo Shoot #2
Nika planned two outfits for outdoors and two for inside.  That's a lot of outside for Dave.  :o)  The inside shots are on a nice gray and on an upbeat sky-blue.  Outside- the shade leaves are nearly all gone so this was an exercise in controlling the strong sunlight.  We did it!  28 November 2009.  Nika's OMP.
Mikayla W Photo Shoot #5
First a competition cheer review, then Mikayla gets an early jump on Christmas.  She does a convincing punk rocker look.  Really nice!  And wraps up with a football fan theme.  (Looks like Cowboys' outfit to me, but it isn't!)  24 November 2009.    Mikayla's OTS.
Nakalah T Photo Shoot #4
Nik lights up Dave's garage in an abstract set.  Than there's a set where she lets the white background go fairly dark for a nice effect.  She does some uniquely Nik outdoor shots a couple other creative outfit changes then wraps up with a very dramatic series.  I mean drama!    17 November 2009.  Nik's MM.
Ira Z Photo Shoot #2
Once she's done flipping out in formal attire plus swimming flippers, Ira turns to tasteful accessories.  Literally!  How abut a yummy shrimp necklace?  A rack of ribs hand fan?  Real strawberry earrings?  This gal (and manager Mom too) has imagination!  A must see!  15 November 2009 
Yen N Photo Shoot #2
Yen is bringing out her acting characters in this shoot.  Expressions, expressions; face and figure.  Plus an appearance in a lovely traditional dress.  We also put some of the photos through a special process for fun.  13 November 2009
Tommi B Photo Shoot
It's Tommi's first shoot but it looks as though she's been doing it for a while.  She's got some great ideas and directs hoe own shoot with lots of variety.  How about a couple of nice outfits on a red background?  The frame, the red rose, folding chair, flowers in the hair and much more.  You'll just have to stop in and see.  10 November 2009 
Cassaundra M Photo Shoot #6
She whirls into Dave's studio, shoots three outfits then whirls away!  But WOW, what she accomplished.  A cool casual look then a fine Christmas outfit.  After that. Cassy's in a tree.  How can that be?  She wraps it up with a couple of visual accents.  8 November 2009
Shelbie R Photo Shoot #8
It's been a really long time- but she's back!  She's got a white dress and a light lime green dress, both looking ethereal against a bright white background, each a high-key study.  Then she models a couple of dark outfits, the second one being a really snappy pageant outfit against a black background.  Great job Shelbie!!  7 November 2009.    Shelbie's OTS 
Rachael B Photo Shoot #9
Here are some more pageant photos.  Lovely headshots in an dazzling blue shirt.   More uniquely Rachael humor, giving the pink sofa a workout plus cowgirl Rachael.  28 October 2009.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp
Madalann L Photo Shoot
This gal was well prepared for her shoot.  Maddy knew Dave's operation inside and out.  She was familiar with previous photo sessions done here She knew what she wanted and it looks like we got it!  Too much of a variety to describe it all.  Want to know how to do a shoot?  Look here and see!  25 October 2009  Maddy's OTS
Maguy T Photo Shoot
Her eyes will catch your eye!  Lovely in every other way too, she directs a well planned shoot.  From swim suit to fashion to casual. Maguy does it all.  The white knit dress against the black backdrop jumps right out at you.  Another great photo session.  10 October 2009.  Maguy's MM.
Demetra M Photo Shoot
Loaded with creative ideas Demetra directs her own very fun shoot.  She starts as an Indian Princess that is outstanding and wraps up in a lovely bride's maid dress.  In-between are three nice looks.  She seems to favor the gray tones on the black background.  :o)    7 October 2009.  Demetra;s ET.
Ira Z Photo Shoot
For starters Ira does a perky marionette.  Did you know that veils are back?  With red gloves and against a darkened red backdrop it really pops.  How about an outdoor set- in the rain no less?  And wrap up with a school girl look on the pink sofa.  Quite a shoot.  4 October 2009
Elizabeth C Photo Shoot #2
Building on her recent shoot, Elizabeth takes charge and directs a great shoot.  Fun against the white background with a boa and angel wings.  Purple and black against charcoal gray (yes, it works).  The crimson background offers two moods.  Very nice.  3  October 2009.  Elizabeth's MySp.
Jadee M Photo Shoot
Experienced model and actor Jadee visits Dallas from Oklahoma to be in a show and stays an extra day to shoot with Dave.  Wow, she certainly does have talent!  Not only modeling but organizing, planning and preparing.  Lovely work!  Manager Mom is indispensable!  25 September 2009.  Jadee's ET.

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