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  Winter 2009-10 Gallery  

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Imanii K Photo Shoot #2
Imanii and Mom have some of the coolest ideas for composites, following the hit marionette comp of her previous shoot.  Now we've got her holding a mask of her own face, getting kisses planted all over her face, and painting her own portrait like a Rembrandt!  She's done a stunning "Alice in Wonderland" theme and other creative looks you'll surely want to see.  27 February 2010.
Ira Z Photo Shoot #3
Ira goes fishing.  In a bucket!  Guess if Ira likes pink (hot, soft, fuschia, you name it).  While wearing pink rain boots on a watery floor against a sky blue background, Ira catches a boot!  A big old leather (not pink at all) boot!  21 February 2010. 
Atheena F Photo Shoot #7
She's in and out for some headshots and a few cool poses in a yellow Sari against a black background.  The outfit's colors really pop.  A few outside shots are a must as well.  18 February 2010
Alden B Photo Shoot
Experienced actor Alden shows what a difference the experience and training makes in a photo shoot.  Not only has she chosen dramatic themes and lighting schemes, but she has Dave render several photos in black & white, sepia tone, and B&W with "peek through" color from the original.  This was a most creative shoot.  13 February 2010.  Alden's ET.
CeCe M Photo Shoot
It's great to see a gal so well prepared for her shoot!  CeCe tops 'em all when it comes to having her ducks in a row.  Crisp 'n' sharp, the photos jump right out at you.  Awesome outfit looks too.  It looks like 11 outfit changes here.  Too many to describe each one.  You will have to drop by and see.  10 February 2010. 
Stephanie R Photo Shoot
What a fun shoot!  Stephanie is lovely with a lovely personality to match. She's not afraid of high contrast and deep, hard shadows, and has Dave utilize a number of lighting techniques.  Not to be ignored are high key settings with pastel colors.  There's more too. You'll have to drop by and see.  6 February 2010.  Stephanie's ET.
Skylar F Photo Shoot #2
Skylar starts off with a sky-blue backdrop for a casual look.  Then it's a slumber party with the singing lion.  What else?  Oh- rocker Skylar in front of "stage lights".  She listens to music, reads Dr. Suess and cavorts in front of the crimson backdrop.  A busy day!  30 January 2010.
Andrea C Photo Shoot
It's great working with these gals.  Andrea defines photogenic!  Her wonderful personality jumps right out of the photos.  Energetic and creative too, she dons six outfits and shoots seven different backgrounds.  Drop by for a real treat.  You'll be pleased you did.  24 January 2009
Jessica S Photo Shoot
She wears a black dress against a soft black background and does a fun casual look against bright white.  A unique black swim suit against blue cast on white is outstanding.  The crimson followed by the pink room provide backdrops for a yellow ochre knit dress.  23 January 2010
Yen N Photo Shoot #3
Starting off with a "moody blue" backdrop, Yen then does some work against the white background gone gray.  She has a lovely outfit with a light top and black skirt that contrasts well with the background, then does a couple of outfits with the "stage lights" in the background.  20 January 2010.
Cali A Photo Shoot #2
Cali is back after a waaay too long hiatus.  But she's in great shape.  Another Energizer Bunny!!  Take a look and you will wonder how she held up for over a thousand shots.  She's enjoying herself as you can see.  Check out her exuberance.  See her put the "balloon boy" to shame.  :o)  17 January 2010.  Cali's OTS
Stephanie S Photo Shoot
Travel distance is no obstacle when it comes to doing a photo shoot!  We got some very nice headshots.  Stephanie does angel wings, feathers, silhouettes, valentines theme, and has Dave do some fun composites.  This shoot was a blast!  16 January 2010.  Stephanie's ET.
Sarah T Photo Shoot
This lovely gal went way out of her way to come and shoot with Dave.  Sarah has a solid idea of what she wants to accomplish and she hit a series of touchdowns.  The looks are all bright and upbeat, from a sporty look against blue to a very sharp set with yellow, silver and black against a black background and a purple outfit on white in-between.  Very high impact!  9 January 2010
Imanii K Photo Shoot
Here's a lovely bundle of sunshine demonstrating her acting and modeling talent with style and grace. She loves the shopping look, appears as an angel, rocker chick, star-struck talent headed for Tinsel town and a variety of other characters.  Drop in and find the whimsical marionette composite she crafted.  Fun!  29 December 2009
Myracle S Photo Shoot #5
Gee whiz, she's taller and more confident than ever.  Myracle does six neat series, beginning with a red velvet theme.  She wraps up with a lovely golden dress.  Lots more fun looks in-between. Please drop by and see.  27 December 2009. Myracle's OTS.
Elizabeth C Photo Shoot #3
Elizabeth has some great concepts for her shoot #3.  How about a beret on top with a silvery gray dress and black leggings outfit?  She wears her lovely quinceañera gown for a couple of stunning series.  And a set with the "stage lights" is a blast.  Elizabeth dazzles!   26 December 2009.  Elizabeth's MySp.
Rickie Photo Shoot #6
Rickie is shooting some takes for a calendar.  Obviously she wants the photos to have impact.  Do they ever!  Four stunning outfits with creative use of props and edgy lighting make these photos pop!  21 December 2009.  Rickie's MM, OMP, MySp

  - On time for shoot! (Dave's clock rules!)
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