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  Summer 2008 Gallery  

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Madison B Photo Shoot
Maddie makes her photo shoot debut (with Dave, that is) with a big bang.  She's using outfit color, background color and lighting to produce a "Zowie!" visual impact.  Take a look at her headshots against a black background.  21 September 2008
Jasmine C Photo Shoot
You'll be able to tell that Jasmine is at home in the pageant scene.  Here's the wildest Wild West pageant outfit I've ever seen!  Lots of other lovely and fun looks here too, as this very lovely young lady wraps up a successful shoot.  13 September 2008.  Jasmine's OTS.
Amanda M Photo Shoot #2
To variations on a schoolgirl look and a very lovely pageant outfit Amanda adds cool hiphop moves, director, tea party, really nice headshots and more.  31 August 2008. Amanda's OTS, OMP.
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #8
Jaci's got some really snazzy colors on a black background that jump right off the screen.  Her "stage lights" and rocker theme dazzle too.  Several other looks and a few nice outdoor shots round out a fun and productive shoot. Jaci's OMP, OTS.
Nedra H Photo Shoot #2
Starting off outdoors, Nedra transitions to a workout look, a (you'll see) look and winds up in a sky blue setting!  23 August 2008.  Nedra's  MM, OMP.
Stacey J Photo Shoot #4
Stacey is a dedicated fan, making the trek all the way from Houston to shoot with Dave!  She's got some ideas - yeah, dragging Dave outside to play in the street - and other fun stuff.  The Belize flag on the crimson background is striking!  21 August 2008.  Stacey's MySp.
Kasey B Photo Shoot
Lovely Kasey showcases athletic figure and great looks.  Much needed headshots, swim wear, beauty on the pink sofa and some specialty shots round out the shoot.  15 August 2008.
Sophia S Photo Shoot #2
What can we say?  Sophie knocks 'em dead again.  It's hard to top her first shoot, but she does it with  lovely pageant looks, swimwear, tea party and cool rocker.  9 August 2008.  Sophie's OTS, OMP.
Kenzie P Photo Shoot #2
Back this time for some photos for her own portfolio!  Fall leaves, red cart and cool outfits.  She makes it all look like fun.  It is!  5 August 2008.  Kenzie's OTS.
Ashley B Photo Shoot #2
It's been a long time, but she's back with a vengeance tackling a variety of looks.  From a purple top with black shorts to getting all wound up in Caution tape to neat outdoor shots and lots in-between, Ashley shines.  27 July 2008.
Kenzie P Photo Shoot
This shoot was so much fun.  Kenzie's a blast.  She's also very pretty.  Modeling for a kid's clothing designer never looked so good.  What fun outfits, poses and expressions!  24 July 2008.  Kenzie's OTS.
Tiffany C Photo Shoot
Tiffany joins the ranks of the well prepared.  She's done some directing, fishnet hose, an outstanding makeup scene and shoes, shoes, shoes, to mention a few looks she's pulled off very well.  21 July 2008
Jamie H Photo Shoot
Here's a gal with a great sense of humor, sharp wit and all spirit.  She works the camera with ease and makes the shoot more fun than people should be allowed to have!  18 July 2008.  Jamie's OTS, OMP.
Shelbie R Photo Shoot #6
Still true to her pageant roots, Shelbie gets in some pageant looks as well as swim suit and fun kid stuff.  12 July 2008.  Shelbie's OTS
Rachael B Photo Shoot #3
Fresh new ideas!  Fun with colorful backgrounds, chocolate bunnies, sunglass and  a blast of wind.  Rachael models dress styles by designer Heather.  9 July 2008.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp.
Nedra H Photo Shoot
Nedra's notes for her shoot look like a screen play.  Thorough.  A great example of how to set the stage for a fun and productive shoot.  She has a colorful wardrobe, chooses backdrops and lighting, and strikes bold and fresh poses to create a dazzling set of photos.  5 July 2008.  Nedra's  MM, OMP.
Christina B Photo Shoot #2
Determined to set the place rockin' Christina has lots she wants to do.  She does casual, swim, Hawaiian themes and more. A great set of photos.  29 June 2008.  Christina's OMP, OTS.
Mikayla V Photo Shoot #2
Mikayla's beauty, spirit and creativity are on display in this shoot.  She does moods and expressions like the pro she is.  She makes it look easy.  What a treat!  27 June 2007.  Mikayla's OTS.
Augustine F Photo Shoot #3
Model-Actor Augustine does headshots, the Pink Sofa, and her own Hell's Kitchen!  25 June 2008.
Amanda M Photo Shoot
Actor and pageant model Amanda shows her stuff!  From a spunky schoolgirl look to a lovely pink pageant gown and lots in-between she tirelessly shows how it's done.  21 June 2008. Amanda's OTS, OMP.

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