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  Spring 2008 Gallery  

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Jennifer S Photo Shoot #4
It's been four years!  But better late than never.  Jennifer is still in acting and drops by to get some new portfolio photos.  She brought a variety of themes with her.  Fun!  19 June 2008.
Toy L Photo Shoot
Toy is a tree fairy, a burlseque dancer, a rock star and a whole lot more.  Check out her "Jungle Jane" outfit!  14 June 2008.
Bethy K Photo Shoot
Excited about her first photo shoot, this gal planned and planned to pull of a top-notch session!  Stop in for a look at unique themes, ligthing and color.  Fun!  12 June 2008. 
Natasha B Photo Shoot #3
This gal is a hard worker!  She knows what she wants and puts in the effort to make it happen.  Her execution is skillful- and she looks great to boot!  10 June 2008.  Natasha's OTS.
Ashley G Photo Shoot
Such a cute and expressive teenager!  Ashley's got all kinds of ideas and pulls them off in fine style.  3 June 2008
Sophia S Photo Shoot
Pageants and modeling are Sophie's main interests, along with her Care Bears and Princess Chair!  Here's another high energy young lady that kept Dave (and mom) plenty busy! 8 June 2008. Sophie's OTS, OMP.
Asa P Photo Shoot
Beautiful Asa does Harry Potter, Chocolate Bunny, gymnastics, outdoors and other looks that do justice to her natural beauty.  1 June 2008.  Asa's OTS
Rachael B Photo Shoot #2
Rachael stars as Napoleon Dynamite and Mary Catherine Gallagher in addition to her own ballet and some fun capers.  Dynamite!  28 May 2008.    Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp.
Cassaundra M Photo Shoot #4
Happy Cassaundra wows 'em again.  Check out the cool new outfits she brought with her to model.  She wraps it all  up with a spectacular back flip!  25 May 2008
Lejla C Photo Shoot
Well prepared for an ambitious shoot, Lejla performs with energy, humor and grace.  A lovely set of photos for a lovely girl.  24 May 2008  Lejla's OTS.
Damir A Photo Shoot
Wow!  Angel vs. Bat-Devil, Ice Princess, oriental strategy, frustrated artist and lots more.  Damir creates!  Makeup by Kieran.  21 May 2008
Anastasiya M Photo Shoot #3
Colors, colors, colors and bright happy faces, indoors and out.  What a busy girl!  18 May 2008
Heda P Photo Shoot
Heda gleefully explodes onto the scene with her infectious energy and creativity.  This is one of the loveliest and upbeat young ladies you'll ever meet!    11 May 2008.  Heda's OTS, NF.
Sumeya A Photo Shoot #2
With one shoot already under her belt, Sumeya hits the ground running.  She brought along her own ideas and has an all new set of looks.  4 May 2008 Sumeya's ET.
Mikayla V Photo Shoot
This exceptionally beautiful and spirited young lady traveled all the way from Austin to shoot with Dave!  What a treat.  She excelled in everything she did and lasted longer than many of the "big girls".  3 May 2008
Candace C Photo Shoot #4
It seemed like such a long time- then it seemed like it was just yesterday that Candace and Dave worked together.  She's got some creative ideas and coaxed Dave to go outside for some cool shots as well as indoor studio work.  1 May 2008
Rickie R Photo Shoot #3
Watch out for the girl with the Colt 45 and pair of six-shooters! She softens it up with a lovely light blue prom dress on a blue background. 26 April 2008. Rickie's MM, OMP, MySp
Shelbie R Photo Shoot #5
Fresh from her soccer game, where she is a forward, Shelbie does some really nice school girl, white dress and shorts looks.  19 April 2008.  Shelbie's OTS.
Erica F Photo Shoot #2
Erica roars back after getting that first shoot under her belt and keeps Dave busy with some snazzy outfits and some outdoor shots (which came out nice).  15 April 2008
Sydney F Photo Shoot
Beautiful!  Smart!  Sharp as a tack!  This 4 year old superstar will steal your heart.  Can she act and model!  She is "a natural" defined.  Come see.  You won't be able to tear yourself away.  8 April 2008
Sumeya A Photo Shoot
Here's a bright, upbeat, fun girl on her first shoot.  She's got her own ideas, practiced before the shoot and hit the ground running.  Want to have fun too?  Drop in for a visit!  6 April 2008.  Sumeya's ET.
Rachael B Photo Shoot
Dancer, actor, model Rachael does a nice set of photos expressing her diverse talent.  She's got some eye-pleasing ideas you'll enjoy viewing.  2 April 2008.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp.
Mikayla W Photo Shoot #2
Mikayla squeezes in a few hours of shooting to get some photos for her pageant book.  Wow, we squeezed in a lot!  Bright summer outfits, pageant awards "formals" and a little outdoor work to boot.  30 March 2008.  Mikayla's OTS.
Amber B Photo Shoot
Amber drives all the way from Arkansas to shoot with Dave.  Not only does she have determination, but she looks great and presents herself like a pro.  Check the gold dress against the crimson setting.  29 March 2008
Erin H Photo Shoot
Erin drops by to squeeze in a few headshots and winds up with a nice variety of looks.  And speaking of looks..., well, see for yourself!  26 March 2008.  Erin's MM, OMP.

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