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  Fall 2008 Gallery  

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Jess S Photo Shoot
Jess is fashion savvy and shows it in her shoot.  She had some incredible makeup done for her first look that includes some history of the recording industry.  She wraps with a cool biker look.  20 December 2008.  Jess' OTS, Web site.
Shernay W Photo Shoot
Bright and upbeat with a serious and sensuous side describes Shernay.  She starts off with headshots with real punch then goes into outfits and moods that will have you thinking, "Wow"!  18 December 2008. 
Maci K Photo Shoot
Maci's an early bird and lasts and lasts.  In a 9 hour shoot with over 1100 photos captured she is amazing.  She has a nice, easy terperment and is lots of fun.  Stop in and see.  Count the outfit changes.  13 December 2008.   Maci's OTS. 
Heda P Photo Shoot #2
It's been way too long, but here she is- with some fun outfits, actions and moods.  There are must-have headshots, the lovliest yellow dress, and her workout with the exercise ball will have you howling!  7 December 2008
Cali A Photo Shoot
Here is a very lovely young lady with the most beautiful eyes in the world!  It's her first shoot and she's giving us more serious looks than anything, but she's lots of fun.  There's a stroing Javanese influence in her heritage as you can see in her shoot.  6 December 2008.  Cali's OTS.
Rachael B Photo Shoot #6
This time it's distinctive headshots, a product promo series and a killer camo set.  This is worth dropping everything and stopping by to take a look!  2 December 2008.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp
Alicia S Photo Shoot #4
It's been a long time since her last shoot, but Alicia is in rare form with a bunch of cool looks.  You've gotta see these blue sunglasses that look like they have Venetian blinds!  There's much more, form fun to lovely.  30 November 2008
Scarlett B Photo Shoot #2
Back for more, Scarlett hits the ground running with a lovely red dress and a Santa look, a famous black dress with pink trimmings, some snappy silhouettes and some surprises.  Take a peek and see.  29 November 2008.  Scarlett's OTS.
Anna R Photo Shoot #3
Back from a looong hiatus, Anna is still- Anna (of course), only now more beautiful than ever.  She sets the bar pretty high for this shoot and accomplishes a lot.  Lovely and fun.  Too much to list.  Go see!  23 November 2008
Ameena C Photo Shoot
It's Ameena's first shoot, but it looks like she's been doing it for a long time!  She's got a warm slumber party going, a cool school girl look (brr...), and a spectacular ocean front scene with a canvas backdrop she brought.  22 November 2008.
Madison B Photo Shoot #2
She gets into the Christmas spirit with a high fashion Santa outfit.  Some high contrast shots against a blue and a black backdrop highlight innovative outfits and poses.  Way to go Maddie!  16 November 2008.
Kenzie P Photo Shoot #4
Kenzie shows up with her hair naturally straight and easily wind blown.  She's got some colorful looks that pop right out of the black background.  Then there's headshots with lots of Kenzie expressions.  18 November 2008.  Kenzie's OTS.
Jasmine C. Photo Shoot #2
Wow!  Jasmine really packs a lot into this shoot, all the while looking very beautiful.  Lovely pageant outfits, a Broadway musical series, great action shots and much more.  (Whew!)  15 November 2008.  Jasmine's OTS.
Rosetta B Photo Shoot
Rosie is a real blast.  She's upbeat, lots of fun and a story teller (in her shoot themes) extrordinaire.  She befriends lonely Lion, and and enacts a wintry "keep warm" theme.  9 November 2008.
Nedra H Photo Shoot #3
Third time is a charmer.  :o)  Check out Nedra's Halloween costumes and cool hair styles.  Somebody's having a good time.  Trick or Treat?  8 November 2008.    Nedra's  MM, OMP.
Rachael B Photo Shoot #5
Oh my, what a variety!  New headshots, dance silhouettes, Kung Fu with accent shadows, swim suit and Yoga.  You have got to spend some time in here!  4 November 2008.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp
Kristi L Photo Shoot
Promotional model Kristi had fun crafting some looks she's been planning on for quite some time.  That felt hat is something else!  There are looks from upbeat to moody.  Oh- and headshots too!  16 October 2008
Sophia S Photo Shoot #3
Here's Sophie with some more great looks.  She has the most adorable angel outfit complete with wings and feather halo.  She has a matching angel teddy bear to boot!  7 October 2008.  Sophie's OTS.
Alexis B Photo Shoot
Lexi is dynamite!   Mostly interested in modeling, but she is so animated, expressive and energetic that I would like to see her take acting lessons.  5 October 2008.
Scarlett B Photo Shoot
This gal is well prepared for her shoot.  She shows up full of enthusiasm and hits the ground running.  Scarlett's full of ideas of how she wants her shoot to go and pulls it off with excitement throughout.  Come take a peek.  See if you can keep up!  4 October 2008.  Scarlett's OTS.
Rachael B Photo Shoot #4
This is a fashion show of wedding gowns preceded by Rachael modeling a zippy knit dress and some amazing dance poses.  One of the gown series gets a little out of hand...  3 October 2008.  Rachel's OMP, MM, MySp
Kenzie P Photo Shoot #3
She's showing off some lovely and creative outfits- all made by Mom!   Some cool themes too- a ballerina in front of her makeup mirror and a lemonade stand scene.  Kenzie's the pro, getting maximum neat photos in minimum time.  23 September 2008.  Kenzie's OTS.

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