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  Winter 2008 - 2009 Gallery  

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Kristi L Photo Shoot #2
Kristi arrives loaded for bear!  She does white on white, brown on crimson, black on black in some stunning outfits and settings.  And check out her high contrast close-up shots at the end.  Awesome!  17 March 2009.
Mackenzie S Photo Shoot
Another beautiful girl graces Dave's lens!  Playful eyes reveal her sense of humor.  Running her own shoot like a pro, she gets many unique and "out of the ballpark" hits.  Worth your while dropping by.  15 March 2009.  Mackenzie's OTS.
Mikah S Photo Shoot
This is a very lovely young lady- and talented too!  She makes headshots look like fun!  Add a great variety of outfits and themes and you've got a winning shoot.  And with those giant green boxing gloves..., mover over, Lou Ferrigno!  8 March 2009.    Mikah's OTS.
Maci K Photo Shoot #2
You should see this... Maci's got a cool Western outfit that will make your eyes pop!  That and her battle with the bees kept her busy for a while.  A neat springtime outfit against a black background jumps right off of the page too!  7 March 2009.  Maci's OTS.
Jesse A Photo Shoot #2
Jesse talks Dave into shooting outside.  Winds gusting to 40 MPH!  Whoosh!!.  We finished some in a snappy black & white.   Inside she does a nice contrasting outfit in whites and black against a black background that pop right off the screen.  Some distinctive silhouettes and a couple close-ups finished in a "glow" technique wrap up the shoot.  28 February 2009.
Myracle S Photo Shoot #2
Myracle gets out the Japanese screen to use as a backdrop for a colorful top.  Next is a fashionable dark denim dress.  Very nice!  Fall leaves, cowboy hat, a lovely dress and more.  She put all her energy into the shoot.  Mom says she slept all the way home!  21 February 2009.  Myracle's OTS.
Tyanna F Photo Shoot #5
Tyanna gives "My, how she's grown" real meaning.  She's got her whole shoot planned on a chart and has been practicing for weeks.  It shows, from lovely headshots to scrapping in the back yard to fancy dresses and more.  18 February 2009.
Madison B Photo Shoot #3
Madison crams in a short shoot and gets a lot done.  Headshots of course, then a neat series with the mike and a red dress on a black background that looks really sharp.  15 February 2009.
Damir S Photo Shoot #2
Damir does a school girl set with a flair!  Then she assumes her Ninja role as warrior Iruka in a number of different looks.  Intriguing!  14 February 2009.
Raven F Photo Shoot #5
It was great to see Raven again!  She's really creative and it shows in this shoot.  She's got some lovely headshots and a number of cool themes.  Go Raven!  11 February 2009.
Sommer S Photo Shoot #2
Sommer is back sporting lots of confidence and a set of lovely and fun outfits.  Check out the stunning satin dress on black and pink backgrounds!  And those yellow and black jeans... Wow!  9 February 2009.
Cassaundra M Photo Shoot #5
Here is a veritable Cassaundra smorgasbord.  Headshots, Western, pretty, gymnastics, hoops , silhouettes (gymnastic, of course) and an eclectic look wearing a shiny pink dress.  Whew!  8 February 2009.
Atheena F Photo Shoot #3
It's always great to see Atheena.  Her smile is infectious.  See her smiling with her perky new hair style.  It's headshot day, and in addition she does a stunning series with contrasty light.  4 February 2009
Makenna E Photo Shoot #2
Happy Makenna is back after way too long a break!  She has so much fun with the outfit changes, themes, colors and expressions it's a joy!  Too much to enumerate.  Look for yourself and join the fun.  31 January 2009.  Makenna's OTS.
Nakalah T Photo Shoot
Smart, good looking and fashion conscious are a few requisites for a great shoot.  Nakalah has all that and more.  Bold lighting, colorful combinations and humor help bring it all together.  27 January 2009.  Nik's MM.
Cassidy J Photo Shoot #4
Back after a long break, Cassidy is looking great! She's a happy, high spirited girl and is great fun in a photo shoot.  We got lots of headshots, some fun "kid stuff", gymnastics and lots more.  25 January 2009. 
Mindy L Photo Shoot #2
It's headshot time!  Mindy's got a new agent and has to submit her new photos pronto.  She also models a lovely pink dress.  Cute as a button, she is.  24 January 2009.  Mindy's OTS.
Christina B Photo Shoot #3
Christina is a blast!  How nice to see her again.  She's got some lovely outfits and is really into modeling, posing and expressing some wonderful looks.  You can see her spirit!  18 January 2009.  Christina's OTS.
Ameena C Photo Shoot #2
Ameena is modeling some stunning colors against a black background.  A western motif on blue, a couple of outfits that contrast well with a red background and a surprise round out her creative shoot.  14 January 2009
Myracle S Photo Shoot
This is a very energetic girl.  Count the outfit changes!  She's also bright, happy and cordial.  What a combination.  Myracle is the kind of model that makes being a photographer fun.  Take a look inside and see.  10 January 2009.  Myracle's OTS.
Amanda M Photo Shoot #3
Amanda does a cool "pink" set with her Webkins and the red fuzzy, a rockin' rocker look and a killer camo series with heavy weaponry.  And more!  This gal is fired up!  4 January 2009.  Amanda's OTS, OMP
Sophia S Photo Shoot #3
Say "Welcome back!" to Sophie.  She's got her own Hanna Montana guitar and plays and sings up a storm.  She's got a cool cowgirl look and much more.  30 December 2008.  (Goodbye 2008!)    Sophie's OTS, OMP.
Mikayla W Photo Shoot #3
She's been away from Dave's lens for quite some time and comes back lovelier than ever- with that same infectious humor.  Her pageant interest gets some attention, but she has lots of things up her sleeve.  Very much fun.  Check it out.  23 December 2008.  Mikayla's OTS.
Sommer S Photo Shoot
She's here to try out modeling and does a bang-up job.  Headshots, beads & candy, silhouettes, pink sofa- the place gets a workout.  Way to go Sommer!  22 December 2008.
Nikkyla A Photo Shoot
Nikky thought she'd try out a shoot and wound up knocking one out of the park!  Talk about somebody who is in shape... eat your hearts out, girls!  21 December 2008

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