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  Summer 2007 Gallery  
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Tiffany M Photo Shoot #6
Lots of expressions and creative talent on display here.  Tiffany's looking great!  22 September 2007.  Tiffany's own Web site.
Toiya S Photo Shoot #9
Smoooth.  That's how Toiya does her photo session.  Well planned and nicely done.  19 September 2007.  Toi's MM.
Ingrea A Photo Shoot
Ingrea chooses a very select few from a fun and highly successful shoot to add to her portfolio.  How soon before we see her in the national fashion magazines?  16 September 2007.  Ingrea's OMP, MM.
Alyssa N Model Shoot
Hey, it's Alyssa's first shoot.  She gets into the routine really fast and does some really nice work.  Nice headshots!  Come in and see how the shoot progresses.  9 September 2007
Candace C Photo Shoot #3
She's been on spokes model/fitness training tour since her last shoot last summer!  Same Candace; nice new photos.  These pics really rock!  Nice to see her again!!  6 September 2007
Yuna L Photo Shoot #2
Lovely and lots of fun, Yuna is determined to make some heads spin.  Does she succeed?  31 August 2007
Nicole F Photo Shoot #2
Dancer, singer, gymnast Nicole creates some drama in her shoot!  Hard light, soft light, moods, humor and beauty.  Whadda gal!  25 August 2007
Sara P Photo Shoot #2
Sara is beeOOOteeful!   Don't take my word for it.  See for yourself.  23 August 2007. 
Ashley R Photo Shoot #2
Here's a dynamite, carefree, spirited gal in so many outfits it'll make you Wonder.  :o)  7 August 2007.  Ashley's OTS.
Bridgette D Photo Shoot #2
She's back!  She's got new ideas and new outfits.  Check out those red & white boots!  And a director's chair for the studio.  Thanks guys.  3 August 2007 Bridgette's OTS.
Victoria N Photo Shoot
Full of fun, spirit, artistic creativity and determination, Victoria executes a jam-packed shoot without missing a beat!  29 July 2007  Victoria's Explore Talent .
Kia J Photo Shoot
Kia's a blast you guys.  Check out her work.  You'll see she loves red!  23 July 2007
Bella E Photo Shoot #6
Bella has changed a lot too, since her last shoot, but not as much as ZeeAnna!  Bella did some creative posing of her own design.  We had a great time and got some really nice photos.  17 July 2007.  Bella's OTS
ZeeAnna E Photo Shoot #4
It's been a year and a half since last shoot.  My, how she's...YIKES- changed!!  Zee pulls off a no holds barred full shoot with energy, humor and creativity.  What a blast!  14 July 2007  Zee's OTS
Bridgette D Photo Shoot
Lovely, tonnes of fun and taallll (for her age), Bridgette (brij-ETTE) has Dave in stitches for - how many hours?  She brings enough material to shoot for days, but we make good use of her time and energy.  3 July 2007.  Bridgette's OTS.
Photo Shoot 1 July 2007 removed at model's request
Toiya S Photo Shoot #8
Toiya came armed to the hilt for this shoot.  Determined to shoot in every nook and cranny of Dave's place she certainly had a great go at it.  23 June 2007.  Toi's MM.
Becca K Photo Shoot
Beauty, warfare, Harry Potter, red boots, how does Becca pull it all off?  It was a lot of work, but she makes it look like a breeze.  21 June 2007.  Becca's MM.

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