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  Spring 2007 Gallery  
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Mallory S Photo Shoot
She looks great, and what a production she ran!  Certainly a relative of the Energizer Bunny, she ran and ran and ran, until nearly 12 hours had passed.  Oh- great work too!  Mallory's MySpace.
Brooke B Photo Shoot
High school grad Brooke is planning on college and microbiology.  Thought she would take a look at modeling as a side interest.  Whoa, is she going to be an early draft pick or what?  6 June 2007.  Brooke's MM, OMP, PM pages.
Megan Mae #7 & Caitlin C Photo Shoot
They made the long trek from Austin and San Antonio just to shoot with Dave.  Looks like they planned for long time.  These gals are coordinated!  Major shoot.  Lots of fun.  5 June 2007.  Caitlin's OTS page.
Cassaundra Nicole Photo Shoot
This spunky not-so-little girl is all heart. She's a natural actor who knows exactly how she is projecting herself.  She's full of fun and you will know it when you see her photos.  27 May 2007
Marita W Photo Shoot #2
Is this the same Marita?  Wow, she was cool then, dynamite now!  23 May 2007.  Rita's OMP page.
Ashley B Photo Shoot
What if you look like a model, are lots of fun and want to give it a try?  Gee whiz, Ashley knocks 'em dead!  17 May 2007.
Beatrice L Photo Shoot #5
New composites (can you say "Triptych"?) and some intriguing solo pieces.  Béatrice's own Web siteHer presence on Yessy.com. 13 May 2007
Jeana Ann Photo Shoot #3
Just a quick shoot to show off her purple velvety dress with the feathery trim and those lovely locks.  11 May 2007. Jeana's OTS page.
Allura J Photo Shoot
She's just 15 months old, but Ally is best friends with the camera.  Come see as she performs her antics for you.  7 May 2007.  Ally's OTS page
Toiya S Photo Shoot #7
She's been cookin' this one up for some time now.  Take a look at Toi's new and refreshing looks.  5 May 2007 Toi's MM page
Aryela J Photo Shoot
Here's a girl with heart.  She put so much into her shoot you'd wonder how she lasted for nine hours.  Take a look at her creative variety!  29 April 2007  Ary's OTS page.
Rita P Photo Shoot #2
This is the real thing!  Rita gets some much needed headshots then creatively models a variety of outfits.  28 April 2007  Rita's PaidModels page. 
Stacey H Photo Shoot #2
She's moved away from the Dallas area but still knows where to come for photos that bring our her personality.  This time she is um..., posing for two, can I say?  And doing a nice job of it too!  26 April 2007
Alise H Photo Shoot
Tall and fit and lovely, that's Alise.  A whole lot of fun too!  You wouldn't know it's her first photo shoot.  (Well, now that I let the cat out of the bag...)  22 April 2007
Alisa M Photo Shoot
Playful, serious, mischievous and artistic.  What a range of looks.  Alisa does it all with ease.  21 April 2007  Alisa's MM page.
Angela Y Photo Shoot
Her friends urged her to give modeling a try.  She wasn't sure if she had what it would take.  Does she ever!  Vote for Angela!  She's going places.  18 April 2007
Jeana Ann Photo Shoot #2
Lovely eyes, beautiful smiles, neat outfits and cool poses.  Did we forget anything?  Oh yeah, lucky Friday the 13th!  13 April 2007  Jeana's OTS page.
Béatrice L Photo Shoot #4
New exciting additions to Béatrice's collection of paintings.  Own one!  Own a neat set!! Her own Web siteHer presence on Yessy.com.  12 April 2007
Rita P Photo Shoot
It's just a test!  Rita drops by to check out the procedures involved in a shoot and comes away with some neat images.  A 'natural'?  You decide.  9 April 2007  Rita's PaidModels page. 
MeShell R Photo Shoot #3
Fresh with new ideas, Shelly hits the ground running.  And of course what would a photo shoot on Easter be without an Easter Egg hunt? Her OTS, OMP pages.  8 April 2007
Riley Marie Photo Shoot #3
She's leaving the pageant outfits and paraphernalia behind for a moment and is concentrating on the casual look for this shoot.  It looks like spring is upon us in this fun set of photos.  1 April 2007.  Riley's OTS page.
Ana C Photo Shoot
Ana's loaded with a number of unique ideas.  We get to try out several of them.  Lots of creativity and lots of fun!  29 March 2007
Jessica C Photo Shoot
At long last Jessica comes to shoot with Dave!  Lovely and lots of fun she's finally getting some headshots and fashion looks.  27 March 2007.  Jess's MySpace page.
Stacy N Photo Shoot
Beautiful, talented and creative, actor/model Stacy shows off some springtime fashions and other cool looks.  25 March 2007.  Stacy's MM page.
J'anelle A Photo Shoot
Wow!  What's a singer-song writer doing in a photo shoot?  You'll see: fashion, flair, Rubik's Cube genius and much more.  21 March 2007.  J'anelle's MySpace page.

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