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  Fall 2007 Gallery  
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Raven F Photo Shoot #4
This was the most well planned shoot I've experienced! Themes are for mom's ModelGirlUSA project and more.  Take a look- the photos speak for themselves.  15 December 2007
Atheena Photo Shoot #4 with Augustine
Both Yoga enthusiasts, Atheena and mom Augustine perform for the camera.  A little vinyl groovin' then running as a fairy outside wraps it up.  Watch the weather change before your very eyes!  11 December 2007
Ina S Photo Shoot #2 with Shelbie R (#3)
It's Ina's shoot but Shelbie's along to get those "got to have" shots of her pink dress.  Ina got some lovely headshots, some fun stuff and a few shots with Shelbie.  8 December 2008
Ashley R Photo Shoot #3
Ashley has some unconventional looks in mind and aces them all!  5 December 2007.  Ashley'sMM.
Shelbie R Photo Shoot #2
Just a few weeks and what a change.  These girls are growing up so fast!!  Here's a little Christmas cheer and a neat set in her brother's Tux!  1 December 2007
Atheena F Photo Shoot #3
Picking up where she left off, she's a Yoga expert, a Gipsy, and a Fortune Teller, amongst other skills.  Great looking headshots and expressions too!  27 November 2007
Emily A Photo Shoot
Actor, dancer, cheerleader, Emily does her first full photo shoot.  She showed up with some creative ideas and also improvised as we went along.  Great shoot!  25 November 2007.
She's back!  After only six months what a change from last time!  She's really matured.  And has come up with some cool new looks.  Come see.  23 November 2007
Toiya S Photo Shoot #10
Toiya's on a tear, raises the temperature, melts lenses and otherwise creates mayhem on the set.  Uh, I mean she did some cool poses.  14 November 2007.  Toi's MM.
Jessica J Photo Shoot
Recent DFW area resident Jessica finds Dave and visits to try out some cool looks.  Se did and we had lots of fun in the process.  11 November 2007
Maria M Photo Shoot
Excited about getting into acting, Maria does some posing for the still camera and in the process winds up with some knockout headshots.  6 November 2007
Suzie J Photo Shoot #2
Boas, fancy hats, cool lighting and a little brake dancing; Suzie packs a wallop in this set of top-notch photos.  4 November 2007
Christina L Photo Shoot #2
Continuing her shooting, Christina goes for a more dressy look, gets in some dramatic lighting, and a series with her keyboard.  3 November 2007
Anastasiya M Photo Shoot
Long overdue, Anastasiya finally makes it in to see Dave for some photos.  She's been practicing and anticipating and it shows!  28 October 2007
Daphnae F Photo Shoot
Making a looong trek in order to shoot with Dave, Daphnae arrives with a versatile set of outfits and creative shooting ideas.  You want variety?  Check out this shoot!  27 October 2007.  Daphnae's MM.
Maria L Photo Shoot #6
It's headshots, headshots, headshots!  What more do you need to get called in to audition?  Maria put Dave through his paces and wound up with a nice variety of backgrounds.  13 October 2007
Chelsea D Photo Shoot
Demonstrating her many skills and talents, Chelsea aces her first photo shoot.  She goes for soft 'glamour' and edgy contrasty lighting and makes it all look great!  21 October 2007
Rickie Photo Shoot
What is Rickie up to?  Her themes, moods, outfit changes, lighting and lots more run the gamut.  This is a dedicated and talented gal.  We've got a cool set of her photos posted...  17 October 2007.  Rickie's MM, OMP, MySp.
Shelbie R & Ina S Photo Shoot
Shelbie is referred to Dave by a local agency.  Ina is Shelbie's family's guest exchange student.  Both are personality plus and really creative.  Come on in and join the fun.  14 October 2007
Christina L Photo Shoot
This was to be a "squeeze-in" shoot.  Did Christina ever squeeze!  She got funny, fun, edgy, serious and beautiful looks all rolled into one shoot.  12 October 2007. 
Suzie J Photo Shoot
Suzie tries to set an endurance record.  She gets lots of neat looks and works with Dave to get some unique lighting effects.  Take a look.  Some new ideas here.  30 September 2007. 
Tori P Photo Shoot
Here's a lovely young lady with exquisite looks and a great sense of humor. Those stern, edgy looks were hard to come by at first, but she's got them mastered now as you will see!  29 September 2007
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #5
Wow, you shoot 'em a year ago and they're pretty and cute, now they come back beautiful, expressive and creative.  That's Jaci.  She's got some looks here that have TONS of character.  23 September 2007  Jaci's OTS

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