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  Winter 2007 - 2008 Gallery  

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Cassaundra M Photo Shoot #3
This rugged, winning gymnast flexes her muscles and models some pretty girlie outfits too.  16 March 2008
Sarahlynn S Photo Shoot #6
Back to Texas where she belongs!  Time to pick up where we left off.  We got some outdoor (oh no!) shots and some cool studio captures as well.  15 March 2008
Suzie J Photo Shoot #3
Sticking with artistic and abstract themes, Suzie squeezes in a shoot with a few cool looks.  13 March 2008
Lulu D Photo Shoot
Lulu has themes galore!  From 60s hippie look to fierce debater, with rock and classical guitarist in-between.  Yes, she does sing.  Powerful!!  9 March 2008
Sophia K Photo Shoot #2
With a few specific looks in mind Sophia gets in and gets out with some nice shots for a special project.  8 March 2008.  Sophia's MM, OTS.

Photo Shoot 2 March 2008

Removed at talent's request
Christina B Photo Shoot
A real Energizer Bunny, this young lady outlasted many of the teens and 20-somethings.  Ms. Endurance has a lovely look in no small part to her big beautiful eyes.  She had her own ideas for her shoot and pulled it off very well.  1 March 2008.  Christina's OMP, OTS.
Andrea E Photo Shoot
All the way from Venezuela just to see Dave (and local family).  Lucky Dave!  Andrea is as much fun as she is lovely!.  See her cutting loose in her first "real" photo shoot.  26 February 2008
Natasha B Photo Shoot
This lively, energetic and upbeat gal is all smiles, laughs and the life of the shoot!  Why all those pensive, somber and serene shots in this set?  They are the exception.  She had to work to express them!  24 February 2008
Jesse A Photo Shoot
How many looks can you get into a shoot?  How about ten?  OK, some are just lighting and prop changes, but that doesn't diminish the effort Jesse put into the shoot.  Lots of variety here.  20 February 2008
HeavenLeigh V Photo Shoot
Here's a happy, upbeat gal who makes the photo shoot lots of fun.  It's infectious!  Catch it and you're cured!  17 February 2008
Robin J Photo Shoot
This lovely young lady travels from far away Houston for her first shoot.  Take a look- it looks like she's been modeling all her life!  16 February 2008



Béatrice L Photo shoot #6
My favorite painter (and cool model too) is leaving the area for New York to make her mark on the art community there.  :(  She comes by to say Hi and to catch a few distinctive shots.  Come back  soon!  Makeup by Nena.  14 February 2008.  Béatrice's siteBéatrice's presence on Yessy.com.
Erica F Photo Shoot
Promotional model Erica has some definite ideas of what she needs for her book.  We do those justice and get some fun looks as well.  12 February 2008
Shelbie R Photo Shoot #4
Looking better every time, Shelbie knocks a few out of the park.  Some distinctive lighting, outdoors, and watch out for the leopard.  Don't get scratched!  10 February 2008.  Shelbie's OTS.
Daphnae F Photo Shoot #2
Back for more- Daphnae does a neat variety of looks.  You've got to see the Rambo series.  Very dramatic.  9 February 2008.  Daphnae's MM.
Toiya S Photo Shoot #11
Serious and artistic for the camera, but rip-roaring fun and funny behind the scenes, Toiya pulls off a barn-burner of a shoot.  Nice black & white conversions too.  2 February 2008.  Toi's MM.
J'anelle A Photo Shoot #2
With the aim of getting photos to promote her singing career J'anelle hits a bulls eye with a variety of colors, moods and designs.  It's enough to make you want to become a fan!  31 January 2008  J'anelle's MySpace page.
Aminata G Photo Shoot
First time to do a photo shoot, Ami gets some nice distinctive looks.  White on white, black on black, and a cool ping dress on a white background.  29 January 2008
Victoria N Photo Shoot #2
She shows up with a long list of new ideas.  We polish them all off with aplomb!  Victoria is her usual high-spirited self.  27 January 2008  Victoria's ExploreTalent .
Mikayla W Photo Shoot
Dances, acts, leads cheers, and wins pageants, happy and energetic Mikayla has Dave scrambling to keep up.  She has an ambitious shoot planned and executes like a pro.  20 January 2008,  Mikayla's OTS.
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #7
This time she's back for a lighter, fun "kid stuff" look.  We do a lot outdoors in freezing temperatures and then do some cool stuff inside.  The acoustic guitar gets a workout. 19 January 2008.  Jaci's OMP, OTS.
Rickie Photo Shoot #2
Back after a bad motorcycle accident, Rickie shows off the "evidence"; a beat up helmet.  She's got some outstanding looks and effects, so come on in and give a look!  11 January 2008  Rickie's MM, OMP, MySp
.Anastasiya M Photo Shoot #2
Back for her second shoot with some Christmas gifts and lots of ideas, this attractive young lady makes it look like she's "a natural"!  6 January 2008
Stacey J Photo Shoot #3
Third time's a charm, but the previous two shoots are cool too!  Stacey has got some bright and fun shots and lots of expressions.  5 January 2008
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #6
Wow!  Shoot number six!.  And just look at how this young lady has become taller and lovelier.  Swim and Santa in the same shoot.  Only in Texas.    29 December 2007  Jaci's OMP, OTS.
Sophia K Photo Shoot
An architectural engineering student should look so good!  It's an art form isn't it?  So is Sophia's photo shoot as directed by Sophia.  Some abstract, some fun, all enjoyable.  27 December 2007.  Sophia's MM, OTS.

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