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  Spring 2006 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Winter 05-06 and Summer 2006 Galleries


Béatrice Photo Shoot
A painter by trade, Béatrice models some of her work.  Then we turn her loose and she models for fun.  She's very versatile.  Fun indeed!  10 June 2006
Naoko Photo Shoot #3
Welcome Naoko back after a long hiatus.  A nice summer look followed by Naoko modeling a dramatic Line makeup creation.  14 June 2006
Heather O Photo Shoot #5
We shot most of this outside - using some fabric Heather brought along for a backdrop.  Natural light (mostly) makes for a nice complexion glow.  3 June 2006
Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

The gang is at the faire near Waxahachie for a little fun before the place closes for the season.  What a day! What costumes!  Activities!  Come see.  (TM&T) 27 May 2006 
May Austin Models Waterfall Shoot
This was an exciting shoot!  A lot of great talent and water, water everywhere!  (TM&T) 20 May 2006
Megan, Autumn, Caitlin Photo Shoot
Sisters three (there are more, but that's all that came today...) show up for some photo fun.  18 May 2006
Bella Grace Photo Shoot #4
Come see Bella in her cool ladybug outfit.  She puts on a cooking show and feeds her flock.  See her doing her many expressions for the camera!  9 May 2006
Laura Beth Photo Shoot #6
In and about Dave's studio, Laura sets out to get some distinctive looks.  Did she do it?  Why, of course! (TM&T) 8 May 2006
Stephanie B Photo Shoot #7
Stephie models outside around Dave's place and adds the GREEN sofa as a prop to Dave's repository.  We never set up any backdrop paper!  6 May 2006
Tiffany, Morgane, Cassidy Photo Shoot
Originally scheduled as a Bluebonnet shoot, we instead found some flowers in the hobby store and used them in the studio.  Other props and a short run outside added to the fun. (TM&T) 29 April 2006
Kali Photo Shoot #9
What has Kali cooked up for this shoot?  She rocks with her bass guitar Stevie, models her winning pageant dress and does some cool 'just being me' poses. (TM&T) 26 April 2006
Megan Adelle Photo Shoot #4
Megan sings and dances and swings in a nice new prom dress, gets some lovely headshots and is a general cut-up. (TM&T) 20 April 2006
Laura Beth Photo Shoot #5
Laura takes Dave outside to shoot around Dallas' White Rock Lake.  We catch some of the sun's early rays and shoot through high noon.  (TM&T) 10 April 2006
Bri Lei Photo Shoot #1
Bri's a triple threat.  Wait- she models too.  Does that make her a quad threat?  Whatever you call her she's a fine young lady displaying her talent and creativity for you right here!  (TM&T) 5 April 2005



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