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  Fall 2006 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Summer 2006   and Winter 06-07 Galleries


Meshell R Photo Shoot #2
Shelly's back after a month and a half cooking up new shooting ideas.  Wowee, she hit the jackpot a number of times.  Look at what she did!  17 December 2006
Lourdes S Photo Shoot
Great photo shoot!  Lourdes makes is look so eeeasy.  Here's a gal with a warm, easy smile.  She's gracious and creative too.  What a treat!  16 December 2006
Shanell B Photo Shoot
Visit Shanell as she shows off her versatility.  Her interest is acting- but can she model?  It sure seems so.  15 December 2006
Stacey H Photo Shoot
Stacey calls for contrasty lighting others shy away from.   She has lots of fun making good use of it!  7 December 2006
Toiya S Photo Shoot
Bright, happy and upbeat, Toiya expresses herself gracefully.  5 December 2006
Dana C Photo Shoot
Here's Erin's (below) big sister.  Very pretty and sophisticated, warm and friendly.  She is so much fun to photograph too.  3 December 2006
Casey G Photo Shoot
Lovely athletic Casey is in for headshots and winds up with a business look and some specialty looks with high impact lighting.  2 December 2006
Shay F Photo Shoot
A model's model, Shay takes to heart directing her own shoot.  When you know what you want the results can be spectacular.  She proves it here!  1 December 2006
Kali S Photo Shoot #11
It's been way too long, but Kali came back like Gangbusters as a Mermaid, a Genie, A Cell Phone Addict and with a Black Leather Jacket.  Toss in a good set of headshots and you've got a bang-up photo shoot!  29 November 2006
Zoe D Photo Shoot
Lovely defined!  Such s photogenic young lady has not before graced Dave's lens!  25 November 2006
Riley Marie Photo Shoot
Soon to be three years old, Riley is a pageant veteran.  Take a look as she shows her stuff and smiles and smiles and smiles!  19 November 2006
Bonnie F Photo Shoot #4
Emergency headshot time!  True to her name, Bonnie shines.  15 November 2006
Erin Michelle Photo Shoot
This 3 year old young lady is a total blast!  Fasten your seat belt and take a trip to Erin land.  You'll be smiling all the time you're there!  12 November 2006
Béatrice Lebreton Artwork Shoot
Béatrice has modeled her artwork here before, but this time we shot only the artwork.  Perhaps we can get her back in person one day.  Visit her site.  You can purchase the artwork!  9 November 2006
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #3
Here she is, in for a portfolio building session.  From the looks of it the book should be very happy.  5 November 2006
Meshell R Photo Shoot
She's new to this, but you'd never know it.  Smart, expressive and humorous Shelly dazzles Dave.  Check out the variety!  4 November 2006
Karen S Photo Shoot #2
Karen and Line cook up some neat looks before Line leaves for Denmark for good.  Casual and some knockout makeup styles.  Hair and makeup by Line.  29 October 2006
Chrissy, Lisa, Frankie Photo Shoot
Chrissy brings friend Lisa along to her shoot. Frankie joins them to help out with hair and makeup and gets a few shots in herself.  28 October 2006
Cassidy J Photo Shoot #3
This lovely young lady is so full or energy and joy it's infectious!  See her whole section on expressions, Cassidy the Painter, and a mix of cool stuff.  22 October 2006
Amanda M Photo Shoot
Traveling all the way from East Texas to see Dave, Mandy covers lots of territory in the studio from headshots to football to yes, the pick couch, and lots in-between.  21 October 2006 
Amy A Photo Shoot
Amy knows about lighting and tells Dave how she wants it.  She gets some unique looks; formal, outdoor casual and indoor souped up cowboy!.  15 October 2006
Amy L & Jaclyn L Photo Shoot
Long time best friend Jaclyn tags along with Amy to her shoot and holds her own in front of the camera.  These gals are a blast!  6 October 2006
Karen S Photo Shoot
Here's a college grad studying for her PCAT holding down a job with a law firm and a friend suggested she test the modeling waters.  Wowee!  (Oops, sorry...)  Better you should look than having me try to explain.  1 October 2006
Jordan K Photo Shoot #4
Jordan's got a couple cool themes this time and some lovely headshots.  Watch as she does her baking show, dining out scene, and just looking great.   30 September 2006
Simekia G Photo Shoot
Promotional model Simekia breaks records with a long lasting photo shoot.  Gets to try out many ideas.  Here are a few.  28 September 2007
Ashley G Photo Shoot
Up and coming promotional model Ashley shows off a few cool looks.  27 September 2006
Sydney J Photo Shoot #4
More than a YEAR since her last shoot with Dave, Syd has a whole new look.  She's a beauty!  Still full of mischief too!!  24 September 2006



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