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  Winter 2006-07 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Fall 2006 and Spring 2007Galleries


Ashley R Photo Shoot
Here's a busy actor and beaury school student doing some modeling.  Or is it acting?  Hmm..., must be some of both.  What a fun shoot!!  19 March 2007
Jeana Ann Photo Shoot
Making a quick visit to Dave's studio, Jeana shows her grace and beauty.  Want more?  She'll be back.  Stay tuned.  17 March 2007
Makenna E Photo Shoot
This 3 1/2 year old is dynamite!  She smart, bright and creative and is a blast to work with.  "Takes direction well."  Honestly.  Here is Makenna in a variety of looks.  10 March 2007
Amy L & Yuna L Photo Shoot
It's Amy's second shoot!  She brings friend Yuna along and they pose for Dave's camera.  4 March 2007
Raven F Photo Shoot #2
Now a seasoned veteran, Raven directs her own shoot.  She's got good ideas and creates some great opportunities for Dave's camera.  3 March 2007
Bella Grace Photo Shoot #5
Let's start out with a pretty pink chiffon look, do some water color painting outdoors, do a little dance inside and a lot more.  Bella's busy- and looking great!  2 March 2007
Ashley G Photo Shoot #2
Is this the same Ashley?  Wow, what a change from last fall!   She's on a tear, so stop by and check it out.  1 March 2007.
Alicia S Photo Shoot #3
It's been way too long!  Like three years since her last shoot.  She's looking great and is really cookin' for this shoot.  25 February 2007
Atheena F Photo Shoot #2
Headshots are the order of the day! Then this not-so-little lady becomes a fairy and flits from tree to studio with bold lighting, topped off with a tea party.  23 February 2007
Toiya S Photo Shoot #5
Playing "Can Youi Top This?" Toiya outshines herself from her last shoot and unleashes her cerativity.  Watch out!  20 February 2007
Tyanna F Photo Shoot #2
Well prepared, Tyanna literally directed her own shoot.  She's got some great ideas.  See if you agree.  18 February 2007
Laci S Photo Shoot
Unique looks galore are featured here.  This lovely young lady models them with ease.  15 February 2007
Summer M Photo Shoot #2
Summer goes for some fresh new looks and creates a number of winners!  11 February 2007
Toiya S Photo Shoot #3
For her third shoot, Toiya is on fire!  Dust off that old asbestos suit and come take a look!  2 February 2007
Shay F Photo Shoot #2
Shay does a smart business outfit series followed by a stunning set in a sports outfit with a colorful backlight.  1 February 2007
Riley Marie Photo Shoot #2
Riley's back to charm the camera again!  See her model some snazzy pageant outfits while we throw in some distinctive lighting.  21 January 2007
Kali S Photo Shoot #12
Goth Dorothy!  Yes, L. Frank Baum would be proud.  Or something.  Also how about an Urban look and a snazzy iPod promo?  10 January 2007
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #4
Indoors and out, headshots and colorful outfits, and some really cool white on white.  Nice shoot!  Way to go Jaci!  7 January 2007
Toiya S Photo Shoot #2
Here's fashion creativity on display and in addition, Toiya gets brave with lighting effects.  Good job!  6 January 2007
SaRatta R Photo Shoot #4
Stunning white-on-balck and white-on-white fashion and a couple of new twists.  You've got to see!  3 January 2007
Tyanna F Photo Shoot
Raven's not-so-little sister is also good looking, clever and creative.  She projects herself well and plays out some crafty series.  31 December 2006
Raven F Photo Shoot
Raven is beautiful, talented and smart.  See some great looks from lovely headshots to compelling projections.  30 December 2006
Sarahlynn S Photo Shoot #5
Home from the holidays from her theater in Pennsylvania, Sarahlynn spares some time go get in a photo session.  She's got some specific looks.  Fun!  27 December 2006
Marita W Photo Shoot
Long and tall, Rita's made for the runway.  But she's got other modeling interests too, and could acting be in her future?  Look and see what you think.  23 December 2006
Laura Beth Photo Shoot #7
It's the first photo shoot if the winter, and Laura Beth's seventh!  She's got some neat ideas cooked up.  It's a treat.  Come visit.  21 December 2006



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