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  Summer 2005 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Spring 2005 and Fall 2005 Galleries


  Alexis, Nicholas, Kali Photo Shoot
Alexis and Nick "The Man" are joined by Kali for a gala shoot.  The joint was jumpin'.  18 September 200
Heather O Photo Shoot #4
Here are some upbeat looks and a dark Gothic look Heather does best.  16 September 2005
Megan Mae Photo Shoot #1
What a blast working with this sharp, smart, and creative young lady.  She picks up on cues and acts out terrific scenes and initiates her own.  4 September 2005.  AM&T
Caiti Suzanne Photo Shoot
Catch this bundle of energy as she models outfit after outfie and poses at blazing speed.  She's fast, so you'll have to look fast.  3 September 2005. AM&T
SaRatta Photo Shoot #2
SaRatta goes creative!  Eight outfits against four backdrops in the studio.  This shoot was a blast.  See if you agree.  17 August 2005
LaTreka Photo Shoot #2
LaTreka does a "Gangsta Moll" character pretty convincingly!  16 August 2005
Sydni J Photo Shoot #2
Nice new headshots, some moody looks and a sporty look.  It's all Sydni!  14 August 2005
Naoko Photo Shoot #2
Reinforcing her natural modeling talent, Naoko asks for lots of contrast and paints herself with light.  Nice new moody looks for Dave's site!  Makeup by Kayo.  12 August 2005
SaRatta Photo Shoot
Headshots.  Just headshots.  This has to be the happiest girl in the world.  SaRatta proves that headshots are fun!  10 August 2005
Sarahlynn Photo Shoot #4
Theater major Sarahlynn squeezes in a major shoot before heading back to college.  We got some dramatic looks with the help of makeup by Shayla.  8 August 2005
Chelsea E Photo Shoot #2
It's headshots time!  Innovative Chelsea makes headshots distinctive and fun!  7 August 2005
Dani Nicole Photo Shoot #4
Headshots, casual, and summer fun.  Dani warms things up with her charming smile.  Makeup by Kayo.  5 August 2005
Maria L Photo Shoot #4
Building her portfolio for her big move to Los Angeles, Maria gets some LA-style headshots.  3 August 2005
Alexis P Photo Shoot #5
It's a break from the hot outdoors!  Alexis is full of expressions for this shoot.  Fun outfits and props too.  31 July 2005
Jordan K Photo Shoot
Now!  More Jordan!!  She directs her own photo shoot and comes up with some wonderful poses in neat outfits.  And those Jordan eyes...!  30 July 2005
Naoko Photo Shoot #1
Kayo's friend Naoko does some modeling.  Wow!  She's a natural!  Makeup by Kayo.  25 July 2005
Kayo Photo Shoot #5
She's back!  Kayo is her own model - again!  It's Hawaii time.  Makeup by Kayo.  18 July 2005
Chelsea E Photo Shoot #1 & 3
Come see the antics of fitness devotee Chelsea.  Looks like lots of fun as she had Dave in tears through much of the shoot!  Makeup by Brenda.  17 July 2005 and 10 September
Shannon O Photo Shoot #5 & 6
Lots of outdoor work this time.  But the pink sofa cannot be overlooked!  15 & 17 July 2005
Piper at Arbor Hills Group Shoot (TM&T**)
We shot Piper early in the day and got more shots than the rest, so she gets her own gallery.  Drop by and check out the warm, easy smile of this lovely teenager.  9 July 2005
TM&T** Arbor Hills Group Shoot
Here is the rest of the work Dave did at the group shoot.  Lots of fun.  Please do drop in.  9 July 2005
Sydni Photo Shoot #1
We celebrate Independence Day with a 10-hour shoot.  Syd is dynamite.  Athletic skill, grace and dedication.  Makeup by Kayo.  4 July 2005
Candice P-N Photo Shoot
Creative Candice's Crafty Capers!  She knows what she wants and we go about capturing it.  Nice job on her own makeup!  2 July 2005
Leia and Allison Photo Shoot
These gals have been cooking up some neat ideas.  It looks like lots of fun.  Come in and see!  24 June 2005
Kalees & Keith Photo Shoot
First timers to photo shoots.  You wouldn't know it from the looks.  Nice going Kalees and Keith!  22 June 2005
Kali Photo Shoot
You've seen Kali in a couple of Group Shoots in the Spring Gallery, now here she is in her own photo shoot!  She breaks all records in a 13 hour endurance session and comes up with many delightful looks.  21 June 2005



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