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  Spring 2005 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Winter 04-05 and Summer 2005 Galleries


Van Alstyne Group Shoot
Two in a row!  Here is a sampling of photos from this TM&T Group Shootl  Again, thanks to the organizers and especially to the models for asking Dave to photograph them.  18 June 2005
Southlake Group Shoot
Here are some examples of Dave's first TM&T Group Shoot.  Thanks to the forum photographers for the invitation and to these fine young ladies for gracing our lens.  14 June 2005
Nicole P Photo Shoot
Striking poses against white and black backgrounds!  Makeup by Kayo.  6 June 2005
Alexis & Nicholas Photo Shoot
Here's a sister and brother dynamic team.  Check out the energy and creativiry.  5 June 2005
Elizabeth W Photo Shoot
Redhead on the loose!  Elizabeth gives meaning to 'direct your own shoot'!  30 May 2005
Laural D Photo Shoots II & III
Combining photo sessions of 20 February and 15 May 2005, Laurel shows off some fresh summer looks.
Heather O Photo Shoot I & III
Benefiting from a thoroughly prepared plan we shoot all her looks in this killer marathon 11-hour shoot.  We added a few shots from a later shoot too. 3 May & 25 May2005 (D)
Dani & Desiree Photo Shoot
Best friends Dani & Dez cut up separately and together for a fun shoot.  1 May 2005
Eri Y Photo Shoot
Kayo brings friend Eri for some makeup magic.  Eri stars!  Makeup by Kayo.  30 April 2005
Beverly B Photo Shoot II
It's (almost) all the Pink Room!  Beverly's got some hot stuff going.  Makeup by Kayo.  25 April 2005
Maria L Photo Shoot III
Graduating from college, Maria does a photo series to mark the occasion.  23 April 2005 (D)
Line and Kayo Photo Shoot II
They are at it again!  This time both go for some bold free-form makeup looks.  Kayo's makeup by Line; Line's makeup by Kayo.  22 April 2005
Kimberly B Photo Shoot
She puts a number of backdrops, outfits and lighting variations to the test.  Makeup by Kayo.  21 April 2005
Megan R Photo Shoot
Want to see "photogenic" defined?  Come on in and see creative Megan do her stuff.  Makeup by Kayo.  17 April 2005
Laura Beth Photo Shoot II
Leaving no stone unturned, Laura finds all the shooting locations in the studio and more!  Makeup by Kayo.  15 April 2005
Dani S Prom Dress
Dani's happiness with her prom dress is infectious!  Makeup by Kayo.  7 April 2005
Kichecko Photo Shoot II
Here is some more creative fashion print work.  Makeup by Shayla.  5 April 2005
Kichecko Photo Shoot
Full time fashion model Kichecko shows how it's done in style.  2 April 2005
Mandi H. Phorto Shoot II
Mandi is back for some new fresh pre-summer looks.  25 March 2005



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