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  Fall 2005 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Summer 2005 and Winter 05-06 Galleries


Candice P-N Photo Shoot #3
Going for a professional look, Candice mixes in some fun and a little edgy look as well.  20 December 2005
Mandi H Photo Shoot
Graduating high school in February and headed for a career in cosmetology, Mandi strikes some striking poses under some really contrasty light.  She makes these images really pop!  17 December 2005
Maria R Photo Shoot
Performing artist Maria performs for the still camera.  Quite a performance!  This is a sampler.  There is more to come from this shoot.  16 December 2005
Natalie W Photo Shoot
A theater major graduating in spring 2006, Natalie is New York bound!  Here she is performing for the still camera.  14 December 2005
Kali Rose Photo Shoot #7
Kali presents a Christmas extravaganza for Dave's lens.  Wow, how many looks?  You count!  Kali's versatility on display.  TM&T 10 December 2005
AM&T December Group Shoot

Hayyy - look at this lineup. We shoot in a park near Austin in 40+° weather.  Everybody does terrific!  TM&T 4 December 2005
Alexis and Nicholas Photo Shoot
Back for a neat variety of looks, Alexis and Nick perform a Nutcracker skit, bake cookies and set them out for Santa, do a nice New Years Eve dress-up and some fun extras.  TM&T  3 December 2005
Laurel Emily Photo Shoot #5
Laurel is back to get some additions for her portfolio.  She's as pretty as a picture in her light lavender evening dress.  19 November 2005
Anna Olivia Photo Shoot
Primarily performing in pageants, Anna is a sprinter and a long jumper. She is currently ranked 6th in the NATION in the long jump.  She's pretty creative in a photo shoot too!  TM&T 11 November 2005
ZeeAnna Lynn Photo Shoot
Here is Zee in her first photo shoot.  She skipped the warm-up part and went right to work.  Tree climber, Indian princess, fence builder, ballet dancer and more.  Lots of good looks.  6 November 2005
Shelby F Photo Shoot #2
Shelby's back for some quick headshot work.  What we get is a series that aggregates Shelby's personality.  What a study!  TM&T  28 October 2005
SaRatta Photo Shoot #3
Hi fashion, business fashion, hot fashion,  SaRatta's got it all in this HOT shoot!  24 October 2005
Shelby & Alexis Photo Shoot
Alexis draaaags Shelby to a shoot at Dave's, but wild horses couldn't drag her away.  Shelby and the camera bonded.  It was hard to get them apart.  Shelby gets visitor's rights.  TM&T  23 October 2005
Darcy B Photo Shoot
How do you spell C*U*T*E?  Five year old Darcy is precious.  She is also a seasoned veteran in front of the camera, as you will see. TM&T  22 October 2005
Kali & Nicole F Photo Shoot
Kali has cool friends.  Here she is with Nicole jammin' and in solo series.  It's a blast!  TM&T  16 October 2005
Orisha B Photo Shoot #2
First indoor shoot since July 9th in the park, Orisha has a bag full of things to try out.  She did a bang-up job.  Makeup by Bernetta.  10 October 2005
Cassidy J Photo Shoot
Here's a 5-year old ready for the big time.  Commercial print, editorial fashion, stage, screen and radio!  Those big beautiful eyes ... Watch out!  Makeup (also extraordinaire) by mom.  TM&T  8 October 2005
Bella Grace Photo Shoot
Mom's a model, so is it any wonder Bella at 22 months would want to try her hand at it?  She did really well in her solo photo shoot debut.  She's a charmer!  6 October 2005
Kennedy Leigh Photo Shoot
Wow!  Kennedy is versatile and is the Energizer Bunny personified.  Raising the bar with nine looks in nine hours - ya gotta see.  Makeup (extraordinaire) by mom.  TM&T  2 October 2005
Stephanie B & Carrie Photo Shoot
Stephanie, model in her own right and designer of accessories and clothing, brings friend Carrie to model Steph's creations.  Carrie models like a pro!  28 September 2005.  Makeup by Stephanie B.
Laura Mae Photo Shoot
Hurricane Rita chases Laura from Houston to Dallas.  What better way to spend some time before going home than doing a shoot with Dave?  A TM&T connection.  27 September 2005
Rebecca M Photo Shoot #1
See Becky's sassy school girl, Indian movie star and all-around outdoor gal looks.  Indian garb by friend Rheea.  23 September 2003



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