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  Winter 2005 - 2006 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 Galleries


AM&T March Group Shoot
Photographers and talent congregated in the Texas Capitol in Austin for a business / school theme look  TM&T  19 March 2006
Alexis #11 and Nicholas #8 Photo Shoot
Alexis and Nick take us out to a brand new nearby shopping mall.  Come pay us a visit and see what we all were up to.  TM&T  16 March 2006
Laura Beth Photo Shoot #4
Here's Laura, creativity on display as she directs her own shoot.  Pastels, denim, catalog print work, and a stunning yellow motif.  13 March 2006
Fadzi Photo Shoot
Runway model and actor Fadzi shows a number of different looks and hair styles.  Wild!  Makeup by Line.  4 March 2006
Nyela G Photo Shoot
Professional theater performer Nyela flew in from NYC for this shoot.  The airline lost her luggage with all her outfits inside!  The is a case of making lemonade out of lemons.  Look!  She did a terrific job.  25 February 2006
Tiffany M Photo Shoot
This is Tiffany's first studio shoot with Dave. It's a marathon! She lasts and lasts and lasts and creates some terrific looks. Drop in and see. TM&T 24 February 2006
Toni W Shoot #3
For a threepeat, Toni hits the ground running.  Headshots, four scenes and four different outfits.  Toni shines.  17 February 2006
Alexis Photo Shoot #10
That's right, Alexis is a ten-timer!  That's some studio shoots, some location shoots and some group shoots.  This time it's photos for Alexis' pageant portfolio.  There's some unique work here, so come in and look!   TM&T 12 February 2006
Candice N Headshot Shoot
Here's an on-line "contact sheet" of some "gotta have" headshots for your review.  4 February 2006
Casey J Photo Shoot
Casey shows up with friend Laura with some cool ideas.  They wrap up the shoot in style with knockout duo shots.  29 January 2006
Nicole P Photo Shoot #2
Nicole links up with makeup artist Line and together they creates some far out looks.  From dark smoky study to Geisha and a few in between.  Stunning lighting and backdrops to match.  24 January 2006
Shelby Ashton Photo Shoot #3
Creativity on parade!  Watch as Shelby conjures up spooky moods, plays with highly contrasting backgrounds and just has some fun.  TM&T  22 January 2006
Sunni & Olivia Photo Shoot
These beautiful young ladies traveled all the way from Austin to get in a little studio time with with Dave.  It's hard to describe their outstanding looks and abilities.  You'll have to see for yourself!  TM&T  21 January 2006
Bella Grace Photo Shoot #3
For ZeeAnna's sister Bella it's her second studio shoot ever as well.  Bella hams it up for the camera "really good" and gets a lot done in a couple of hours.  11 January 2006
Megan Adelle Photo Shoot
A couple stunning looks courtesy makeup artist Line Ahnstrom, then Megan takes over with a commercial product series, modeling a lovely pageant dress, some Megan-edgy looks and fun stuff.  TM&T   10 January 2006
Anna Olivia Photo Shoot #2
Anna's in for headshots to go with her resume.  Eight hours of headshots and only headshots - and yes, we had lots of fun with it!  TM&T  31 December 2005
Megan Mae Photo Shoot #3
Here's Megan Mae back in the studio for a number of new looks!  A lot of close-ups (defines "she's a natural") and a pretty flower girl dress.  TM&T  28 December 2005
ZeeAnna Lynn Photo Shoot #3
OK, it's only her 2nd time in the studio, but Zee's already got the hang of it.  Her charm and talent are on display for all to see!  27 December 2005
Alexis, Nicholas, Kali Photo Shoot
This talented trio models period fashions and pulls off a little surprise for you.  TM&T 23 December 2005



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