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  Summer 2004 Gallery  

Career models and entertainers.
These fine new and experienced performing artists model for Dave's photography study.

Be sure to check out photos in the Spring 2004 and Fall 2004 Galleries

Cara Gayle Photo Shoot III
Dashes in for headshots and sticks around for some nice contrasty work on blue background turned dark. 18 September 2004
Line Photo Shoot
Here's Line in her own photo shoot. Looks like a pro model having a good time! 16 September 2004
Jessica & Jennifer Photo Shoot II
They're back for some comp card looks. See how they did! 12 September 2004
Amanda Photo Shoot II
Amanda's back for sone knockout headshots, neat outfits and a little athletic workout. 9 September 2004
Lauren M Photo Shoot
She's a real knockout, and her expressions are priceless. 6 September 2004
Naomi B Photo Shoot
High spirited Naomi steals the show. Look! 5 September 2004
Rachel Photo Shoot
Her first summer appearance, Rachel's in for must have headshots. We do that and more. 4 September 2004
Soonja Photo Shoot II
Soonja suits up for some specialty shots. They are special! 27 August 2004
LaTreka Photo Shoot
Gotta get those headshots - but look, a neat array of fashion shots too! 23 August 2004
Christy Photo Shoot II
She's back for more dramatic lighting, outfits and poses as well as some very glam headshots. 21 August 2004
Sarah P Photo Shoot with Line
Sarah executes some dance steps and friend Line gets into the act. 19 August 2004
Kimberly Photo Shoot II
She's back to build up her portfolio - and have some fun as well! 17 August 2004
Carly K Photo Shoot
In for some still camera experience, Carly strikes some awsome poses and expressions. 15 August 2004
Cara & Natalie Photo Shoot
Long time friends get together for some fun and fashion shots. 10 August 2004
Katie Photo Shoot
Headshots is the aim, but we get some fun stuff as well. 7 August 2004
Jessica & Jennifer Photo Shoot
Sisters/actors 10 and 6 show off their stuff. 5 August 2004
Amanda Photo Shoot
She's more fun than a person should be allowed to have! Some fine modeling here. 04 August 2004
Kimberly Photo Shoot
Visiting for much needed headshots and portfolio material to boot, Kimberly makes a haul. 03 August 2004
Maria Photo Shoot
Maria brings some friends and all ham it up! 28 July 2004
Christy Photo Shoot
Here's Christy in a drive-by shoot. Not much time, but we got some good stuff. 24 July 2004
Soonja Photo Shoot
Time to update her portfolio, Soonja visits Dave and gets a great variety of shots in some neat outfits. 23 July 2004
Cara GG Photo Shoot
Fun, moods, mirrors, lighting effects. Cara handles it all. Compelling! 21 July 2004
Jenny D Photo Shoot
Not much time! Jenny squeezes in a shoot. Drop in and see the variety - and those big beautiful eyes. 16 July 2004
Elyce & Mikayla Photo Shoot
Check out these neat actor/model friends, 3 & 5 as they pose & cavort solo and together. 15 July 2004
Kristen Elizabeth Photo Shoot
Some neat headshots and some Kristen antics define this shoot. 13 July 2004
Melissa Photo Shoot
Melissa drops by for some still camera experience. What an experience! 03 July 2003
Shannon O Photo Shoot
Check out these innovative looks in a studio shoot! Outside, inside, on the set and off. 01 July2004. Then we shoot a natural light set. 22 July 2004
Tabitha Photo Shoot
Tabi is all business. It's headshots time. She brings her hairdresser Brian and looks great. 29 June 2004
Allison Photo Shoot
1st time back since last August. Allison's looking great! 28 June 2004
Erika Photo Shoot
She's back for her 3rd-in-a-row shoot! A crash portfolio building session running nearly 12 hours. Do drop in for a look. 26 June 2004

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