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  Spring 2004 Gallery  

Career models and entertainers.
These fine new and experienced performing artists model for Dave's photography study.

Be sure to check out recent photos in the Model 2003 and Winter 03-04 Galleries and new work in the Summer 2004 Gallery.

Erika Photo Shoot
Full time model, great looks and wonderful personality. It is all Erika and is on display here. 14 June & 19 June 2004
Maria Photo Shoot
Bursting with smiles, here's Maria - scrambling to get some much needed headshots and having some fun with the still camera as well. 12 June 2004 (D)
Laura Photo Shoot
School is out. The happiest gal you'll ever meet, Laura squeezes in a shoot amongst auditions, rehearsals, and performances. 8 June 2004
Wendy & Kyla Photo Shoot
They're back, joined by TJ. TJ gets into the act. Dad directs a cool skit. 05 June 2004
Maretta Photo Shoot II
She's back to squeeze in some headshots before heading off to college. Nice. 04 June 2004
Tina M Photo Shoot
Tina brings two truckloads of outfits and props. New looks never before seen here. 03 June 2004 (D
Rachel Photo Shoot II
Headshots day. This time we get a lot of good contact sheet material. Check out a little Rachel Goth look. 31 May 2004
Tabitha Photo Shoot
Tabi proves that photo sessions are fun. Look at those neat ideas we captured. 25 May 2004 (D)
Natali Photo Shoot
Natali's back! Another 3rd timer. Get out of the way folks - she's steaming! 24 May 2004
Maretta & Anne Photo Shoot
Life long friends show up to try out some scenes Maretta's been cooking up for months. Outstanding! 22 May 2004
Rachel L Photo Shoot
Back for a third time, Rachel rocks! Beware of the kick! 16 May 2004 (D)
Jenny D Photo Shoot
Finally Jenny comes to shoot. Time is short, but every second counts. Photogenic defined! 14 May 2004
Nina A Photo Shoot
Here's Nina, creator of the "Oopsie"! Intensity punctuated by a winning smile. 10 May 2004 (D)
Kim F Photo Shoot
Kim visits and blows Dave away with humor, charm and those compelling eyes! 02 May 2003 (D)
Natali Photo Shoot
Natali graces the lens for spring. Come see as she tries out a variety of looks. 28 April 2004
Jayna Photo Shoot
Imagination working overtime, Jayna thinks outside the box- and the set! 24 April 2004
Nicole J Photo Shoot
Back for a threepeat, Nicole is on fire. Expressions galore. Lots of energy in this shoot! 9 April 2004 (D)
Shannon L Photo Shoot
Shannon's back from LA for a visit and graces Dave's lens for a few hours. Fantastic! How does she do it? 07 April 2004. (D)
La Toya Photo Shoot
More fun than a person should be allowed to have! And some striking photos against black background. 4 April 2004
Wendy and Kyla Photo Shoot
Mom and Kyla (6), both actors, show up for headshots and some fun. Kyla steals the show. 02 April 200304
Liz Photo Shoot
Liz takes Dave on a whirlwind tour of outdoor locations. 24 March 2004
Bobbi Photo Shoot
Bobbi ushers in Spring with guitar and Goth look. Big Shoot! Three galleries. 20 March 2004 (D)

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