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  Fall 2004 Gallery  

Career models and entertainers.
These fine new and experienced performing artists model for Dave's photography study.

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Elyce & Mikayla Photo Shoot II
They're back! Elyce, now 4 and Mikayla 6 show off their stuff. 20 December 2004
Mandi H Photo Shoot
Here's Mandi dancing, singing and looking good!  18 December 2004
Nicole K Photo Shoot II
Resuming after a short break Nicole goes for some ethereal and print ad looks. Make-up by Line. 15 December 2004
Nicole K Photo Shoot
High spirited Nicole pulls out all the stops! 13 December 2004
Chandler Photo Shoot
Cheerleader Chandler cheers the crowd. Dynamite! 27 November 2004
Laurel D Photo Shoot
Laurel visits to get some portfolio photos. Friend Lizzie tags along. 21 November 2004
Staci & Melissa H Photo Shoot II
Picking up where they left off in September, the girls model fashion and experiment with light. 14 November 2004
Laura & Elizabeth Photo Shoot
Elizabeth joins friend Laura for a photo shoot. Headshots, outdoors, & contrasty light. 13 November 2004
Jessica & Jennifer Photo Shoot III
Back for some fun shots. There are some neat headshots in here somewhere too! 7 November 2004
Jessica W & Kim F Photo Shoot
Jessica and friend Kim cut up for the camera. Fun! 6 November 2004
Ana P Photo Shoot with Line Make-up Artist
Line brings Ana along to showcase Line's make-up artistry. Ana shines! See behind the scenes make-up work. 31 October 2004
Soonja Photo Shoot III
It's soft and fuzzy Soonja, all on the pink sofa.  30 October 2004
Kimberly Photo Shoot III
Not just another pretty face, but a very pretty face! Cool poses and some color lights as well. 16 October 2004
Naomi B Photo Shoot II
Naomi continues her still photography work with prancing, dancing and cheer leading. Did I say "Still"? 15 October 2004
Lauren M Photo Shoot II
She starts out with some contrasty lighting and cool outfits and innovates from there! 9 October 2004
Kaylyn Photo Shoot
Come and see Kaylyn dance, sing and pose. Dynamic! Sister Kamryn elbows into the act. 8 October 2004
Line A Photo Shoot
Line kicks off Fall with her fashion conscious outfits and showcases her make-up work, posing style and personal beauty. See Line's own Web sites. 7 October 2004
Stephanie B Photo Shoot
Steph models, acts and designs handbags! She models her product beautifully. 30 September 2004. Visit Steph's Web site.
Nicci Photo Shoot
Actor, business consultant, and silk painter, Nicci shows her stuff! 28 September 2004
Staci & Melissa H Photo Shoot
In desperate need of photos, it's Dave's to the rescue. Staci 14 and Melissa 10 are great models! 26 September 2004

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