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  Winter 2004-2005 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for mutual experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 Galleries

Dani & Andrea Photo Shoot
Dani brings friend Andrea along for some uproarious action.  19 March 2005
Laura Beth Photo Shoot
More fun than a person should be allowed to have!  Laura Beth is a treat to shoot. Make-up by Kayo.  8 March 2005
Shelby H Photo Shoot
Here's a colorful shoot starring Shelby with her big smile, guitar and saxophone.  7 March 2005
Line Wedding Looks
Three stunning models and many wedding looks make up this extravaganza.  Make-up and hair by Line. 6 March 2005
Kayo Photo Shoot II
Here's Kayo in for her own modeling session.  Look who's having fun!  Make-up by Kayo.  1 March 2005
Line and Kayo Photo Shoot
This is fun.  They do each other's make-up.  Line's make-up by Kayo; Kayo's make-up by Line.  27 February 2005
Kandie D Photo Shoot
Kandie makes it to a session and struts her stuff.  Get a load of the red fedora!  Makeup by Line 26 February 2005
Brittany A Photo Shoot II
After a short break Brittany resumes, kicking up her heels.  (Toes, too!)  Make-up by Line  25 February 2005 
Nicole K Photo Shoots VI, VII
Squeezing in just a few more looks before going to LA for a month, Nicole does some fun and edgy work.  Make-up by Line.  21, 23 February 2005. (D)
Beverly B Photo Shoot
Beverly takes to the pink sofa big time.  Strong lighting and edgy looks.  13 February 2005
Brittany A Photo Shoot
Stand back folks - Brittany is on the set.  Look at the impact she makes in three changes!  Make-up by Line  18 February 2005
Sarahlynn S Photo Shoot III
Back from a looong break and makes the most of it!  12 February 2005 (D)
Erin P Photo Shoot
After getting some pretty headshots (yes!) Erin does moody, attitude, and stunning white on white.  Make-up by Line  11 February 2005. (D)
Stephanie B Photo Shoot
Here's fashion designer and model Stephanie back for some new looks.  Wow!  2 February 2005.
Crystal M Photo Shoot
Free spirit to moody looks, she does it all!  28 January 2005 (D)
Nicole K Photo Shoot V
This time her looks range from a wholesome GND look to a dancing queen and some edgy stuff in between.  Make-up by Line  25 January 2005 (D)
Gwendolynn M Photo Shoot
Come see this dancer/performer extraordinaire innovate in the studio setting!  24 January 2005
Lauren and Erin Photo Shoot
It's Lauren's third shoot.  This time she and friend Erin cut up big time.  Come look.  It's a hoot!  23 January 2005
Sandy S Photo Shoot
White, gray, blue, black and outdoor backdrops - Sandy does it all!  20 January 2005
Melissa M Photo Shoot
Melissa planned every detail of her shoot and it shows!  Wonderful outfits and poses.  Make-up by Line.  17 January 2005
Staci & Melissa H Photo Shoot
Third time's a charmer.  High contrast lighting and a black background make for a snappy setting.  16 January 2005
Nicole K Photo Shoot IV
Showing up to do a one (hair) look shoot, Nicole raises the bar again!  Make-up by Line.  12 January 2005 (D)
Nicole K Photo Shoot III
Check out Nicole in some cool outfits, cool poses and as a bronze statue!  Make-up by Line.  4 January 2005 (D)
Laura H Photo Shoot IV
Picking up where we left off in December, Laura goes for some glam and editorial fashion looks.  Make-up by Line.  1 January 2005
Elizabeth H Photo Shoot
She sings and plays her guitar for us and shows us some fun mood and contrasty looks.  Make-up by Line.  30 December 2004
Maretta & Emily Marie Photo Shoot
Home from college for Christmas these gals spice things up with holiday cheer!  29 December 2004
Kaylyn & Kamryn Photo Shoot II
Actor Kaylyn and sister Kamryn return and create some fun and innovative poses. 27 December 2004
Laura H. Photo Shoot III
Laura paints herself with studio light. Cool effects. Make-up by Line. 22 December 2004

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