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  Model 2003 Gallery  

Career models and entertainers.
These fine new and experienced talent model for Dave's photography study.

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  More recent model shoots - Winter 03-04 Gallery  


Shannon L Model Shoot II
Visiting for some looks we didn't get last time, Shannon brings Londa Lemur for a cameo appearance. See Shannon's own site! 23 November 2003 (D)
Jamie N Model Shoot
Jamie brings friend Maple and a couple neat suits in which she graces the lens. 19 November 2003
Shannon Model Shoot
In the air, in a tree, with Avery, 10 October & 20 November 2003
Arianne Model Shoot II
Petticoats, Sun dress, Red Riding Hood and more. 15 November 2003. Visit Arinane's own Web site!
Meredith Model Shoot
Want to see record breaking intensity? Variety? Look inside. 07 November 2003
Rebecca Model Shoot II
We go outside for some environmental looks. Graffiti, red wall, orange building. 01 November 2003
Bonnie Model Shoot
Bonnie shows up for some unique shots. We get some winners in record time! 29 October 2003 (D)
Denyce Model Shoot II
Two day shoot! Studio & location! Day 1. Day 2. 25 & 26 October 2003
Patricia Model Shoot II
Patricia's back for new headshots and portfolio looks. 13 October 2003
Shannon L Model Shoot
Want to see expression extraordinaire, talent, and a non-stop smile? Look no further. Stop in; you'll be hooked! 20 Oct 2003 Visit Shannon's own Web page! (D)
Jamie F Model Shoot II
Returning with some stunning outfits Jamie tops her earlier shoot, already a classic! 12 October 2003
Denyce Model Shoot
Setting a record at 9.5 hours, Denyce leaves the Energizer Bunny in the dust. Indoor, outdoor, black and white backdrops. 28 September 2003
Bobbi Model Shoot II
Bobbi and Britt return for a fun shoot. A little behind the scenes action too. 06 October 2003. (D)
Rebecca Model Shoot
Rebecca brings a wide assortment of outfits and chooses a stunning subset in which to pose. 21 September 2003
Toni Model Shoot
Toni comes with enough changes to shoot for a week! She's innovative and it shows. 26 September 2003
Arianne Model Shoot
Let's start a portfolio for Arianne. Headshots and some clever Arianne innovations. 13 September 2003. Visit Arinane's own Web site!
Carlee Model Shoot
Carlee graces the white background, black background and an outdoors scene. 15 September 2003
Patricia Model Shoot
Patricia has some definite poses to capture. Pretty creative - take a look! 03 September 2003
Sandi Model Shoot
Sandi wants that wind tousled look. We have a good go at it. 05 September 2003
Bobbi Model Shoot
Bobbi and friend Brittany come to get Bobbi some headshots. These gals raise the roof. Mom shoots a behind the scenes set. 27 August 2003 (D)
Alicia Model Shoot
Alicia comes by with neat shooting ideas. We get to try out some new lights. Alicia shines! 30 August 2003
Natalie Model Shoot
Natalie needs headshots. We do a headshot study and more including a difficult Yoga sequence. 04 August 2003
Allie Model Shoot
Allie's gymnastics and cheer background literally jump out at you! Check out the energy and flexibility. 18 August 2003
Jamie F Model Shoot
Jamie takes Dave to a new dimension in shooting. Class. 27 July 2003
Bunni Model Shoot
Bunni wants some lens time to try out some poses. In the process we get some unusual lighting shots. 07 August 2003
Kristin Model Shoot
Saucy Kristin spices up a photo shoot. 30 July 2003
Lauren Model Shoot
Lauren comes in to do some portfolio work and friend Victoria joins us in progress. A dynamic team! Neat behind the scenes snippet. 22 July 2003
Jonathan Model Shoot
Jonathan visits and the power goes out. We shoot outside in the rain. 10 July 03

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