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  Winter 03-04 Gallery  

Career models and entertainers.
These fine new and experienced performing artists model for Dave's photography study.

Check out previous photo shoots in Model 2003 Gallery and new shoots in Spring 2004 Gallery

Nicole J Model Shoot II
Braces out! Headshots time. And some other fun stuff.17 March 2004 (D)
Kristen Model Shoot II
Here's Kristen in a variety of moods and lighting all on a white background. 14 March 2004
Rachel L Model Shoot II
Headshots is the aim, and we get some low key work done as well. 7 March2004. Now combined with 08 February shoot with its dramatic lighting. (D)
Jana E Model Shoot
Needing headshots badly, Jana visits and comes away with some very blond shots. Other fun stuff too. 29 February 2004
Sarahlynn Model Shoot II
Back for a second time, Sarahlynn shines in a variety of outfits poses and backdrops! At 10 hours and 735 shots the Energizer Bunny gets a serious challenge. 28 February 2004 (D)
Carli Model Shoot
Carli drops by mainly for capturing some fun shots. She does that and shows off her athletic prowess too. Carli helps Dave figure out his new camera. 25 February 2004. Visit Carli's Web site!
Kina & Sandie Model Shoot
Friends Kina and Sandi visit for some attention grabbing headshots and have a bunch of fun in front of the camera. 22 February 2004
Kristen Model Shoot
Here's Kristen with a great variety of looks and expressions. The eyes have it! (You've got to see.) 16 February 2004
Robin C Model Shoot
Versatile Robin keeps Dave on his toes in front of low key backdrops. See Robin prance and cut up! 11 February 2004 (D)
Rachel L Model Shoot
We start out with some necessary headshots then Rachel calls for more dramatic lighting. She dresses and poses to suit. Some of these images 'jump off the page!' 08 February 2004. Now combined with 07 Marcwh shoot. (D)
Nicole P Model Shoot
Nicole visits Ft. Worth from LA to model in a car show. Dave takes the train from Big D to catch her for a few shots. 07 February 2004. See Nicole on Now Casting!
Arianne Model Shoot
Arianne visits to get some headshots and looks for an upcoming film. 01 February 2004. Visit Arianne's Web site!
Liz Model Shoot
Liz models some neat outfits and pushes the lighting envelope in a stunning suit. 21 January 2003.
Ginger Model Shoot
Updated! Ginger displays a captivating presence and keeps Dave mesmerized. Hold on to your hats! 18 & 24 January 2004 (D)
Bobbi Model Shoot
She's Baaack! Bobbi smashes records with a 12.5 hour shoot and 1068 images. 10 January 2004 (D)
Nicole Model Shoot
World record smiles. Heart warming grace. The camera loves Nicole. 02 January 2004 (D)
Sarahlynn Model Shoot
Before heading off to college Sarahlynn squeezes in a photo session. We wrap up the year in grand style! 31 December 2003 (D)
Alicia S Model Shoot
Alicia's been crafting shooting ideas for almost six months. The competition just got lots tougher. 27 &29 December 2003.
Davis Model Shoot
Up and coming actors, these three! Come and join the fun! 24 December 2003
Rebecca Model Shoot
Rebecca is an explosion of impromptu ideas and bursting with expression. There's no holding her back! 20 December 2003
Bonnie & Kim Model Shoot
Kim joins Bonnie for a shoot and both shine. See some animated expressions! 16 December 2003 (D)
Jayna Model Shoot
Jayna takes dramatic lighting to another dimension. A couple of fuzzies get into the act. 13 December 2003
Toni Model Shoot
Here's Toni supercharged! Looks like she's ready for winter. 12 December 2003
Aleisha F Model Shoot
Put on the CDs and skip to the beat! See what music does for Aleisha's ingenuity. 8 December 2003
Martina Model Shoot
Putting the 'drama' back in 'dramatic' Martina and Dave give the lighting a workout. 6 December 2003
Natali Model Shoot
Hot stuff! New looks, expressions, innovations. See Natalie's craft on display. 01 December 2003
Tori Model Shoot
Indoors and outdoors, Tori creates some fun looks. 26 November 2003 (D)

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